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(Photo of one of my artworks. (Nov. 26 2021), Photo courtesy of Joshua Yoon)

After highschool, we have two choices: go to college or get a job. In most cases, students choose to go to college. However, getting into college is not easy.

Colleges have requirements and they are the ones who determine if you are suited to their institute. These requirements are tough and you need a lot of time. This is especially true for rolling admissions.

For those who have never heard of rolling admission, it is “an admission structure that receives and responds to college applications during a larger window of time.”

Sounds simple, but it’s not. For anyone who enters high school, you should be alert and ready. You may have a window of time to do this, but time is shorter than you think, especially with all the work you have to do for these admissions.

Rolling admissions consists of many parts and helps students by “letting them know about their application four to six weeks after they submit it.”  However, the earlier you submit, the earlier you receive these results. This was the case for me as I got a response from Pitt after 7 days of my submission.

Rolling admissions consist of common app essays, portfolios, reviewing colleges, and so on. However, the first thing one has to do is collect information about yourself. By this, I mean a resume. A resume is no simple task- it is a living nightmare.

Resumes need to have every important information on you. Your address, school info, achievements, and clubs or activities. This took me a good while because I had to put everything significant that I did from 9th to 12th grade in that resume. The same goes for every class that you took in 9th to 12th grade.

You have to list all the specific classes and the grade you had for that class. Takes a lot of memory to get all that information, so start listing everything if you don’t want to suffer tracking down information.

Now the biggest thing to complete is the common app essays or specific essays. Almost all colleges require students to write essays. The essays usually ask you to explain why you want to go to college and show what kind of student you are or ask you specific questions.

Personally, when writing these essays, it took me the entire summer and even part of my 12th grade to write them. This was due to how many colleges I applied to, and some of them asked me to write 3 essays. I had about 4 colleges in mind and most of them asked 2 or 3 each. So that means there will be a lot of writing.

For students starting these essays, do them as early as possible. Starting in your 11th year will help you a lot. Also use your break time or any time that you are free to write, because high schools give out a lot of homework, and you may find it impossible to write anything. These essays make you think, and like an essay question on a test, you need to process it.

If you are a student, and if you are going to apply for a college, find the essay prompts. Choose one, look for the word count limit, and start writing. After this go back several times and re-edit the piece. Ask parents or English teachers what revision to make, and do this as early as possible.

If not, well then you go crazy like a mad man writing everything at the last minute or you fail to submit the essays on time and fail to get the college you want. 

One last note is portfolios. This depends on the person and their wanted major. For me, I am looking into fine arts. This major sometimes requires me to show some of my colleges my work which sums up my skills and goal to become an artist/designer.

When I started my portfolio, I was a bit panicked. The fact is that for an art portfolio, you need to show colleges sketches and full works. Each has to be completed by a deadline and some portfolios ask for 15 to 20 completed artworks. Art takes hours to do. Some majors may not ask the same, but it is possible that you need to work hard. 

Time is short, and it does fly quickly. We teenagers are at the stage of turning into an adult, and it will be a stressful journey. However, with the right choices and preparations, the journey will become smoother.

And as you experience rolling admission yourself, perhaps you will understand the processes that adults themselves have to go through to achieve their goals and dreams.









Joshua Yoon 
Grade: 12th

Pine-Richland High School



Joshua Yoon  hsr@dherald.com

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