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Students develop their artistic skills while residing in nature
Written by Royoon Park | Published. 2021.10.27 16:12 | Count : 1957



[Image of one of Idyllwild Arts academy’s dormitory at night, Royoon Park]

Are you interested in the arts? Would you want to learn the arts?  Even though the common conception is that creativity is the most significant aspect  of the arts, learning technical skills can be helpful to cultivate your overall artistic abilities . Then where can you learn this kind of stuff?


Idyllwild Arts Academy(IAA) in California, USA can be the place where you can develop your artistic skills, and meet with various artists while living in a bucolic environment. IAA is a private school that teaches various kinds of subjects like film, visual arts, theater, dance, music, inter-arts, fashion, and creative writing.


As an art school, IAA  has various kinds of systems to help students become artists aside from the curriculum. The school runs a summer program that provides opportunities to learn more about the arts that contains every art major in the school and the school;


it also provides academic programs like math lab and ESL classes for international students whose native languages are not English. Additionally, there is excellent college counseling for  students when they are applying for college.

IAA also offers scholarships and financial aid to students to provide fair opportunities for every talented student who wants to be an artist. However, the best part of the school is the location.

It is located at the San Jacinto Mountains and San Bernardino National Forest, within western Riverside County, California. The school is surrounded by various kinds of nature which allows  students to live alongside  various plants, animals, and insects.


It also has a dormitory, so both domestic and international students can enjoy the campus life equally. This environment in the wild helps art students focus on their work and commune with nature easily. 


For example, there are lots of small animals living with students at  Idyllwild Arts Academy. The example of San Bernardino flying squirrel, California Spotted Owl, Mountain yellow-legged frog, Southern rubber boa, and Andrew's marbled butterfly;  the beautiful trees including deciduous oak, yellow pine, Jeffrey pine, incense cedar.


They add unique color to the scenery and provide unique experiences to students who often live in the city or are not near nature. 


[Image of organisms living in Idyllwild Arts academy, Royoon Park]

While residing with nature, students at  Idyllwildarts Academy have chances to study in their own major. They can join any art class they want to attend and even change majors flexibly when students think they want to try other kinds of arts.

They have the chance to present their artistic skills to others and the public  through exhibitions, film showcases, by writing their own novels, and performing their own shows. One of the students in the school said “Idyllwild Arts Academy provides opportunities to lots of art students to become artists.

The school also provides the academic class with art class which provides students concentrate with arts but also study academics to prepare them for university.” 



[Interview with one of the students in IAA, Royoon Park]

The students in Idyllwild Arts Academy can have unique experiences living in the forest and developing their artistic skills with their fellow students. Think of waking up and seeing  trees and squirrels around you. I can say it is rare to experience for most high school students in the world.


Royoon Park 

Grade 11

Idyllwild Arts Academy

Royoon Park  hsr@dherald.com

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