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Written by Nayun Kim | Published. 2021.01.18 20:54 | Count : 201

What makes your heart beat faster? I am happiest when I help others. I am full of euphoria when others feel happy because of me. There were many people with the same beliefs as I thought. These days, COVID-19 has made a lot of people stay at home. Before COVID-19, last winter, I decided to visit Africa as a volunteer with a group of students who have the same beliefs as me. So we went to Africa for 11 days. Before I stepped on the land of Africa, I was not familiar with Africa because it has been so far away from Korea where it takes more than 20 hours by flight. When I arrived in Tanzania, the lifestyle of Tanzanians was far worse than what I had expected. It made me think that I would do my best and avoid regretting volunteering after time goes.

First of all, I had a chance to teach and serve African elementary school students with poor quality education. I was extremely thrilled when I taught Math and English to the children. They followed my directions well and participated with enthusiasm. After teaching children, my team and I had to carry hundreds of stones to establish a school for the children. It was tough physical work, so I felt that volunteering was not an easy thing. The stones were too heavy, and the weather was too hot. Most people believe that serving is being helpful to others. But it was not only good for others. It gave me an experience that I will never forget, and I felt fulfilled.

[Teaching math to elementary school students. Photo credit: Nayun Kim]

Also, we assisted in the village event; the biggest festival in Tanzania. Not only assisting, but we also participated in this village event. We prepared the stage for the play. The theme of the performance was God's love. We made preparations for this play passionately and helped each other through constant practices and giving out feedback about the performance. So we successfully finished the village event. Some audience wept tears after the stage. After the village event, we assembled furniture and tiles for the physical education classes. I've never done it before, but after an intensive challenge, I made the perfect furniture, and the gym looked much better.  Many people say there is nothing you can do with just a passion. However, through this experience, I learned that I could do everything with passion. 

[ Assisting the village event. Photo credit: Nayun Kim]

Lastly, all the actions we did in Tanzania were all based on love. Teachers loved students, students loved teachers, students loved each other, and our team loved Tanzania. Without love, we would not have achieved anything. Thanks to love, we seem to have completed all our schedules safely.  I learned about serving, passion, and the real meaning of love. I was so grateful and happy that I visited Africa. It has been an unforgettable experience in my life. If I have a chance to volunteer in Africa again, I will go back without any hesitation. It has been only a couple of weeks, but Africa has become a significant meaning in my life. Our community, all of whom have the same beliefs, did not end up doing this service. We proceeded to serve African children after returning to our country. My community and I continuously send a message of hope and sneakers to children who do not have sneakers, make a lamp that works with sunlight, and translate other countries’ books to study. Perhaps there is no limit to our community.



Nayun Kim
11th grade
Harvest Christian Academy

Nayun Kim  student_reporter@dherald.com

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