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Internship at Nanuri Medical Center
Written by Justin An | Published. 2021.01.11 20:42 | Count : 111

The COVID-19 pandemic, for a long time now, has been considered as a global pandemic. It has even spread to Rwanda, my current country of residence. However, the cases in Rwanda are not as severe as some other nations around the globe, with less than 100 daily cases. Whilst this long-lasting pandemic, medical staff worldwide are incessantly working to help and cure patients. Inspired by these hard-working figures, my dream being a cardiologist, I wanted to experience the reality of hospitals. Fortunately, I received an opportunity to undergo an internship at Nanuri Medical Center, located in Kigali, Rwanda. 

Built around two years ago, Nanuri Medical Center is a relatively new medical center, led by its Managing Director/Internist JB Park, M.D. The clinic offers treatments in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), Endoscopy, Check up, Ecography, X-ray, ECG (electrocardiography), and more. Being a Christian medical center, all of its medical staff are medical missionaries. Besides, a unique and admirable characteristic of Nanuri Medical Center is the provision of free medical treatment for people in economically unstable and vulnerable households. I was extremely inspired by the staff’s sincerity to help individuals in a medically underserved continent such as Africa. 

Since December 1st, for three hours a day on the weekdays, I shadowed Dr. JB Park, and closely observed him carrying out his duties such as interacting and diagnosing his patients, discussing with other professional doctors about X-rays, performing gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasound. Luckily, I was even able to receive an ultrasound exam on myself. 

[Internist JB Park performing an ultrasound exam on me, photo credit: Donatha INGABIRE]

I primarily gained interest in medicine through medical dramas. Many have made fun of me for it. However, through my past indelible experiences regarding my family, I have realized the importance of health, which made me decide to pursue a medical career. I was piqued by the rationale behind Dr. Park’s decision in entering a medicine path, which he claimed, “In honest truth, I didn’t really have a sense of duty, but similar to you, I also wanted to become a doctor because doctors looked cool in medical tv shows.” In the future, I want to specialize in cardiology, a subspecialty of internal medicine, and I was curious why Dr. Park chose internal medicine as his specialty. “My first-choice was ophthalmology, but I didn’t get accepted for the residency. There aren’t that many specialties that you can treat patients firsthand. Internal medicine has a lot of significance and requires first-hand treatment, so I chose it.” 

[An interview with Dr. JB Park, M.D., photo credit: Yves NzABANDORA]

Nanuri Medical Center is known for its free treatment. Yves NzABANDORA, a 28-year old nurse who is currently working at Nanuri Medical Center and completing his Master’s degree, shared his opinion on why he chose to work at Nanuri, and became a nurse. “I became a nurse because helping people is my passion, not for a salary. If I treat someone who is sick and unhealthy, I feel extremely proud of myself. As I am Christian, Nanuri helped me to concentrate more on treating my patients. Nanuri is now my second home. By treating poor people for free, we try to show our patients love and hope.” 

[An interview with nurse Yves NzABANDORA, photo credit: Donatha INGABIRE]

It has been several weeks since the beginning of my medical internship at Nanuri Medical Center. Up to this point, I have learned quite a bit of medical terminologies from the patients, and experienced the reality of the duties of a professional physician. Shadowing Dr. Park has helped solidify my dedication to become a doctor no matter what the future holds. I want to be able to help those who are in need of healthcare and also be able to protect my family and friends. The path of becoming a doctor is indisputably going to be exceptionally difficult; however, I will definitely succeed and utilize my knowledge to improve the community as much as possible.



Justin An
Grade 10 (Sophomore)
Mercersburg Academy

Justin An  student_reporter@dherald.com

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