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Written by Minsuh Cho | Published. 2019.12.16 19:05 | Count : 505

The Nobel Science Club (NSC) was founded by the author at Bongeun Middle School in 2017. The purpose of the NSC is to gather students who are interested in any area of science, such as robotics or physics, and encourage them to explore their interests and test out their ideas through hands-on experience. So far, the club has provided its members with visits to science museums and opportunities to participate in science fairs.

[ Visit to Seoul Science Park with NSC members; Photo courtesy of Minsuh Cho] 

Recently, the NSC paid a visit to Seoul Science Park, where exhibitions on science-related topics are regularly held on unique subjects such as high-tech, celestial bodies, or insect ecosystem that are accessible for any student with interest in these areas. Seoul Science Park also holds an invention contest each year for students, which is what we went to see. 

NSC members were able to observe various types of inventions on display at the 58th Seoul Science Exhibition, such as a stapler without iron staples, which is far more convenient and safer than its market counterpart, and a smart food scale that analyzes nutritional value and calorie intake. The winning invention was a smart safety plug which uses wires and electrical resistance to reduce the risk of electric shock, which benefited. NSC members in that they were able to learn more about the use of electric resistance. 

[ Visit to Bio- Science Exhibition at COEX with NSC members; Photo courtesy of Minsuh Cho] 

Members were especially amazed at how many of the exhibits were not on “fancy” inventions but ones that aimed to improve inconveniences and safety of everyday products. Above all, the visit to Seoul Science Park made us believe that we too could come up with an invention that can improve other people’s lives. 

[My Smart Snowboard: Photo courtesy of Minsuh Cho]

A few months later, I came up with an invention,the “smart snowboard,” which I used to take part in the student science invention contest. Built with Arduino coding, a GPS sensor, and LED bands,the smart snowboard uses LED bands to allow ski groups to find each other more easily even in darkness and reduce the chance of losing each other. Also, when someone is badly injured at night, it has an emergency help button, while the board’s LED light allows the injured person to be located more easily. This idea occurred to me when I went skiing with my brother. Since the slopes were so steep, it was difficult to keep track of each other as we were skiing down the slope. During the process of creating this invention, there were some difficulties. Figuring out how to send and receive the GPS signals was a challenge. Fortunately, with careful research, I could find the necessary information on the Internet.My cousin, who is knowledgeable in electronics, providedhelpful tips for GPS coding.I am interested in applying this GPS technology tofuture inventions related to GPS connection. Creating the smart snowboard was a fun process but even more fun was thinking of how it can be put to practical use.

The visit to Seoul Science Park amazed and inspired NSC members in that welearned what people, even students of a young age, are capable of.



Minsuh Cho
Grade 9th
Bongeun Middle School

Minsuh Cho  student_reporter@dherald.com

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