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MinecraftIt’s Not Just a Video Game
Written by James “Jihun” Doh | Published. 2019.11.23 16:27 | Count : 348

“It’s time to craft boys,” I excitedly shout in front of my friends after a long day at school. “Good call, James,” one of my friends responds back to me, as we all take our laptops out of our backpacks and sit around the dorm room. It is, indeed, time for Minecraft. 

Minecraft is a very well-known video game in which players create their own worlds by using a variety of blocks and objects to build 3D structures. In addition to the basic building aspect, players also have the opportunity to mine and gather resources, craft and create props, and combat enemies. 


[Minecraft. https://www.flickr.com/photos/bagogames/12844824643]

Just by hearing all these awesome things that Minecraft users can do, how can anyone not be excited to play this game? From building a dream house, fighting with zombies, to digging the ground for three hours to mine diamonds, Minecraft is the perfect game to have some fun with. But that’s not all. Not only does Mincraft provide its players with entertainment, but it also sparks creativity and collaboration—Minecraft is more than just a video game. 

Unlike many other games, Minecraft is very open-ended: there are no missions to complete, nor are there other players to beat. As a result, players can get creative about the things they do in the game. When building a house, for instance, they can build it with woodblocks so that it looks like a small, tranquil farmhouse; on the other hand, they can also build a house with diamond blocks to emphasize its wealth. Clearly, there are no boundaries in this game. In the past, my friends and I created houses that resembled our school dorms—something unique and creative about our Minecraft world. 

In addition to creativity, Minecraft allows its users to collaborate with others. Many worlds in the game are usually played in multiplayer modes in which more than one person contributes. For me, I have a world with two of my friends, and when we play it together, we always collaborate with one another. For example, I can ask one of my friends to go mining and the other to build a farm, while I finish building a house. Jacob Grossman, one of my friends with whom I play Minecraft, remarks how important collaboration is in Minecraft: “By dividing survival tasks among my friends and me, we can compartmentalize each of our virtual well beings, thus leading to a fulfilling Minecraft experience.”

[Interviewing my friend, Jacob Grossman. Photo taken by Cade Howard]

Why is it so important that Minecraft sparks creativity and collaboration? The answer is that both aspects are applicable beyond the screen. Learning how to be creative and collaborative in the game opens up the pathway for a player to do the same in the real world. If one can learn important life skills like these through a video game, why not play it? While Minecraft can be used to just waste some time and have some fun, keep in mind that Minecraft is more than just a video game; it is life.

James “Jihun” Doh
12th grade
Western Reserve Academy

James “Jihun” Doh  student_reporter@dherald.com

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