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Student Activities Becoming More Diverse to Accommodate Changing Student Interests
Written by Hyunjin Lim | Published. 2019.09.24 18:55 | Count : 337
[Students performing at the Rock Band club booth. Photo taken in August by Hyunjin Lim.]

On August 28th, Cheongna Dalton School (CDS) held Tastes of CDS, a school-wide event created this year to help students find school clubs and activities that suit their interests. Individual booths were set up for each club, where club representatives passionately explained their club’s mission, goals, and achievements to persuade other students to join. There were a number of clubs that had continued for years, and there were some that had been created just this year to accommodate new student trends and interests. 

As a CDS student myself, I attended the event to see which activities I could potentially join in my senior year. I was surprised by the engagement of the students, but I was even more amazed by the diversity of clubs that was represented at the event. Discussing this very topic, I asked Mr. Musselman, Assistant Director at CDS, for his thoughts on this year’s clubs and activities compared to those from the previous years. “I think that as trends continue to change and as we find new interests, new clubs are formed to accommodate those changes. For example, at Seoul International School (SIS), a club called Random Acts of Kindness was formed for the purpose of increasing happiness and optimism among the students by hosting community-run events. At Brown International School (BIS), there is a club called Philippine Traditional Instrument Club that teaches students how to play the anklong, a Philippine traditional instrument.” According to one of my friends attending BIS, Philippine Traditional Instrument Club aims to not only teach students to play the anklong but also help students experience Philippine culture and tradition through music. “We are also doing our best to provide students with the resources to pursue their passions and interests outside of the classroom,” Mr. Musselman added. 

[Students trying out their boxing moves at the Martial Arts Club booth.
Photo taken in August by Hyunjin Lim.]

As I walked by the Rock Band Club booth, I was genuinely impressed by the passion of the students to devote their time and energy to doing what they like most – playing rock music. The club’s president also pointed out the benefits of joining the club: relieving stress and, even possibly, writing about my club experience in my college application essays. As U.S. colleges increasingly emphasize the importance of extracurricular activities, school clubs are evolving to accommodate the growing diversity of student interests. Extracurricular activities, along with the application essays, have become one of the primary mediums for showcasing an applicant’s unique set of experiences and passion. The Tastes of CDS event was also created in response to this trend, and students at CDS were able to benefit from the school’s support to create a diverse range of new and interesting student clubs and activities.

The event was also a great opportunity for students to come together and socialize with their peers and the faculty. Student clubs serve as a platform for students to become more engaged, to teach and learn from each other, and to make the most out of the opportunities offered by the school. Having been an active member of the Big Data Club and Mu Alpha Theta Math Club myself, I know how exciting it feels to be with students and mentors who share the same passion and goals. School clubs and activities also make students’ school life more enjoyable and memorable. It was a pleasant experience to see students enthusiastically share their interests and passions at the Tastes of CDS, and I look forward to seeing more creative clubs and activities develop for students in the future.



Hyunjin Lim
Senior (Grade 12)

Cheongna Dalton School

Hyunjin Lim  student_reporter@dherald.com

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