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Written by Clare Sohn | Published. 2019.09.08 16:27 | Count : 281

Already, the summer is almost over. It means that the 2019-2020 school year has started. This year, I have entered the 9th grade, and to start it off, I decided to join a club. In the club, you are an “ambassador” for the High School, so you would introduce the new students to the school, help set up events, etc. On August 8th and 9th even before the school year even started, I had to go to school to meet some new students as an approved ambassador and help them around the school. At first, I was a little bit startled by the fact that I was myself a freshman entering a building I didn’t even know, yet having to give a tour of that building for the new students. 

[ A t-shirt we received that was required to be worn on Aug. 9 to let new students 
know that we would be the ambassadors helping them. Photo Credit - Clare Sohn]

August 8th started off with all the ambassadors getting divided into smaller groups of around 7 and learning who our executive leaders were and what they would be doing for us. Then, we were handed our schedules for the year, a “present” for our willingness to serve. We were instructed on all of our curriculum, given a tour of the school buildings and told where all of our classes would take place. It was very difficult for me because I had to memorize where everything was while the tour was taking place and, the very next day, I myself had to give a tour for the incoming students. We were given a hint: room 209, for instance, would be on the 2nd floor and to the left as soon as we got up the main stairs because all classes from 200-209 were on the left, and 210-219 were on the right. That made it a little bit easier for me but not by much. 

Finally, August 9th had arrived and we were all given a poster with our new students name on it. The new student whom I was giving a tour for was a freshman girl who had just come from Germany. To find her, or rather help her fine me, I made a large poster with her name on it. At around 9:30 A.M. all ambassadors went out to the field with our posters and waited for the new students who would be pouring out of the assembly hall. My new student found me and I introduced myself and vice versa, and we headed our way back to the MPR(multi purpose room) which was where we start the day off. As soon as we arrived, my executive leader handed me a checklist of the tasks to be completed that day. It was quite an overwhelming list of things to do. It was very long and everything had to be done in one hour. 

[This is the checklist that I received from my executive leader.
Photo Credit- Clare Sohn]

First on the list, was a campus tour. There were specific locations that were to be shown  which made it even more dreadful as we had to walk around under the scorching sun. After the tour, we went to find where all of her individual classes were. But, there was a problem: something had gone wrong and she was holding an empty A4 paper with no schedule written on it. Therefore, we walked to every 9th grade class. It was quite an exercise going up and down many flights of agonizing stairs, leaving us sore all over by the end. With all required tasks completed, we went to lunch together, my favorite time of the day. Personally, I was quite scared about this day but it turned out way better than expected! Now she is one of my close friends, and I am glad I joined this committee. For sure next year, I will be joining again and hope to make new friends. 




Clare Sohn
Grade 9
Seoul Foreign School

Clare Sohn  student_reporter@dherald.com

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