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My First David Copperfield Show
Written by Clare Sohn | Published. 2019.07.16 22:11 | Count : 478

Magic. Is magic real or is it fake? There are many magicians all over the world but one of the most famous is David Copperfield. Over my summer break, I visited Las Vegas, home to shows of all sorts. As one of my highlights of the trip, I went to watch a David Copperfield magic show. It was held at the MGM Grand building where he had his own dedicated theater due to the amount of times he had performed there. Before watching his show, magic to me was just bunnies coming out of hats and pigeons coming out of handkerchiefs. However, this show was nothing I had ever imagined. He started off by introducing himself then asking some of the audience to come up on stage. As the audience had no idea of what they were about to do, they stood on stage confused. David Copperfield walked off the stage to the middle and stood on top of a black box. Then, within a blink of an eye, one of the audience was with him on top of the black box. Now, we may all think that that was trippy enough, but the show had more to give. As the show went along, there were flying objects, flying people, and way more. I thought, "well he is an illusionist, therefore that must be normal." Towards the end of the show, there were 2 magic tricks in particular that stood out to me the most.

[This is a picture of our tickets to the David Copperfield show in front of his theater in Las Vegas MGM Grand. Photo Credit - Clare Sohn]

The first act included a motorcycle and David Copperfield himself. It started off with an empty stage and curtains. Backstage workers showed us that there was nothing behind the curtains, as it was a hard black wall. To make sure there were no secret entrances or tricks along this act, 2 random audience members were called up to check all around the stage. Then, within the span of 10 seconds, the host David Copperfield appeared behind the curtains on a huge motorcycle. It was as if he had magically appeared from nowhere with a large motorcycle that probably a person couldn't even carry.

[This is a selfie taken in the David Copperfield Theater. Photo Credit- Mitchell Sohn]

The most outstanding act from my perspective was based off a true story from his life. As a child, David Copperfield had a dinosaur doll. It was his best friend and he couldn’t go anywhere without it. Until one day, he lost the dinosaur and never found it since. This act was all about the dinosaur and bringing him back. It started off with him telling his story then him dragging out a wheeled curtained room. It was curtained on all 4 sides and the audience was able to see all 4 sides and around making sure there was no room to drag things on and off the stage. There were around 500 people all watching the stage to see the magic and if it really is magic. The lights turned off for around 2 seconds and there, in front of us, was a huge plastic dinosaur that was too big to fit through any of the doors. As we were all watching the stage the whole time, it was mind tricking(blowing) to even think that things could appear out of nowhere like that.

Overall, the David Copperfield show was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. When seeing magic tricks on TV, you could think that they are not showing the full magic and swapping objects in and off behind the scenes. But when sitting in the audience of a real show, it is very mind tricking. If I got any chance to go back and watch the show again, I would for sure take the chance. David Copperfield is known to be the world's most famous magician and like any of us, he will not live forever. Therefore, this show was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for me personally.


Clare Sohn
Grade 8
Seoul Foreign School

Clare Sohn  student_reporter@dherald.com

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