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The Value of a Team
Written by Andrew Choi | Published. 2019.07.10 11:53 | Count : 401

This year, my friends and I participated in the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC). The World Scholar’s Cup is an international competition in which teams of three compete against each other in four different categories: collaborative writing, scholar’s challenge, team debate, and scholar’s bowl. The collaborative writing is a category in which each of the team members write an essay about three different topics and check each other's work and suggest any changes they could make afterwards. The second category, the scholar’s challenge, is the only individual category of the competition in which you solve 90 multiple choice questions on six different subjects. The third category is the team debate in which each team debates against three other teams. Lastly, in the scholar’s bowl, each team answers multiple choice questions with five choices using a clicker. 

This year’s competition was hosted at Korean International School. The fact that I have never joined any competitions done as a team until now concerned me. Although I was the one who offered my friends to join, I was not sure if I could lead my team to have a successful outcome. However, in retrospect, the competition was full of fun and confidence than worries and intimidation. Furthermore, our team even got to win second place from the competition. 

[WSC Global Round (Photo Courtesy of scholarscup.org)]

Personally, the most memorable category of the competition was the team debate. This was because the team debates which involved arguing for a certain side as a team while rebutting the claims of our opponents reminded me of the need for our team’s unity. During our first debate, I was very impressed by our team, not just because we successfully delivered our own points, but more because we were able to back up the claims made by other teammates and support them with consistency. The debate was about whether we should allow people to use artificial intelligence that can determine a person’s happiness. Our team was able to effectively show the benefits the A.I might bring compared to the status quo which does not utilize A.I. As a leader of the team, this was the moment where I experienced confidence that allowed me to truly enjoy the competition, as I genuinely felt proud of our team and the teamwork we demonstrated. When it was my turn to speak during the debate, I was able to calmly rebut the arguments of the opponent's side and build up our own argument to create a path for my teammates to further construct on our claims. As the opponent’s side talked about the morality and the side effects of depending one’s emotions on a machine, me and my team successfully explained that the machine is just a tool that is used to tell facts and rebutted their argument by comparing it with a scale which is a machine that determines a person’s weight but doesn’t harm any morals. Eventually, our team was able to win in all three matches.

[Me and my team with the trophy (Photo Courtesy of Andrew Choi)]

Through the experience of debating and joining the competition as a team, I was able to learn that the most important thing in a team is not the ability or the skill of individual team members, but rather unity. I believe that unity is what eventually led our team to receive the award, and the factor that drove each of our team members to aim for a single goal while supporting each other. 


Andrew Choi
Seoul International School

Andrew Choi  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Matthew Choi 2019-07-13 15:05:21

    Wow! This must have been a great experience for you! I think that it is always a valuable experience for people to learn about the value of teamwork.   삭제

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