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Watching the Graduation
Written by Kim Dongki | Published. 2019.06.26 22:05 | Count : 380
On May 5th, 2019, the class of 2019 graduated from Korean International School Jeju Campus. As our school Dean and Principal were giving their speech, I still could not believe that my fellow classmates were graduating and leaving school. After the principal, the senior representative of the school came up and gave a speech as well. He shared his high school journey from the first year to his graduation. Also, he shared his interactions with peers both old and young, with teachers, and with the school itself. This school, Korean International School, was much more than a place where he studied.
[Picture of our school’s principal giving a speech; taken by myself]
In the graduating Class of 2019, there were many students who had spent most of their youth in this school. Now, they are going to leave and travel to many different countries to further their studies and interests. All of the students are spreading all over the world.

Their graduation was truly something that I had to celebrate, but I could not. When it came to saying farewell to the seniors, I was not able to leave them and wish them good luck. After the final speech by the senior representative, the seniors received their high school diplomas one by one on the stage. As I saw each one of them receiving a diploma, I could realize that they were truly leaving. As all of the seniors received the diploma, they moved their tassels from right to left, symbolizing their independence and graduation.
[Picture of seniors throwing their caps to celebrate their graduation; taken by Yuchan Kim, one of the senior]
There was a photo-taking session after the graduation event in the outside hall. I took a picture with many seniors who I had befriended during my time at the school. As I walked back home, I felt some kind of eerie feeling. I felt as if some part of myself was lost. The memories with the seniors seemed to be gone as they were leaving. The fear that my senior year was coming close and that I would have to leave the school as they had done was unnerving yet exciting.

I looked at the photos that I had taken with the seniors and felt that the smiles that I made were fake. I did not feel like smiling because of the fear of near future and the loss of my memories with seniors, but I had to celebrate them so I forced myself to smile. I wondered if it was only me who felt this way. Looking around, I saw other students saying their final goodbyes to the seniors, some trying to hold their tears and some bursting into tears. As I talked with them after the event, I could see that most of the students were feeling the same.
As I reflect on my feelings about graduation, I thought that it was normal for anyone to feel that way. After all, it is true that a huge part of our lives were leaving. However, the senior’s graduation did not mean that the bond between us and seniors are lost, if we keep in contact with them. After graduation, I promised myself that I would sustain the relationship with the seniors and try hard to be a successful graduate just like them.

Kim Dongki 
Grade 11
Korea International School Jeju

Kim Dongki  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Matthew Choi 2019-07-06 20:14:32

    As a fellow junior, your feelings are very understandable, and I think that in your article, you did a great job conveying your feelings.   삭제

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