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Written by Sophia Kim | Published. 2019.06.24 15:15 | Count : 410
Instagram is one of the first apps I press when I open my phone. It is a place where I connect with my friends and families and find out about the people or an organization that I follow. Recently, I decided to incorporate Instagram to start the IMS news account since Indian Mountain School (IMS) does not have any school newspaper club. Now, students at IMS can receive school news on Instagram. Even though this account is only three weeks old, it already has five posts and 86 followers. The posts contain school weekend activity and school events. The news articles that are currently posted on the account are Friday Evening Activities, A Trip to Six-flags, The end of the School and BBQ party, and Prize Day Ceremony.
[Photo of IMS prize day ceremony. Photo Courtesy of Sophia Kim]
What I am hoping to give the community through IMS news account is as follows:

I hope this account will inform students about the events that took place if the student missed the event. There is a lack of communication between day students and boarding students because they have different experiences after school and weekends. The day students who don’t take part in residential activities can read the articles and have a sense of what boarding students do on the weekends. Knowing more about each other’s lives will allow IMS students to be unified. I hope that the students will end their day by looking at the postings of the school events and be informed of the lives of other students and reminisce about the events that they participated in.
Also, the account does not only benefit the current students but also can provide information to the potential students who want to apply to our school and take a look at the on-going events at IMS.

Creating a school news account and administering it is painstaking. I have to take the pictures and write the articles in details. After I post the article, I have to check for mistakes. I have to be dutiful in checking the account every day to upload postings and check the comments and accept the requests to follow. Even though the process is difficult, I am proud of myself when I read the encouraging comments from the students.
[Photo of the news account. Photo Courtesy of Sophia Kim]
For the next school year, I am planning on posting at least two to three posts per week. I hope to find more permanent/one-time reporters to participate in posting the various and exciting residential/day life of the community. Giving a chance to other students of IMS to participate as a reporter is important because the account will be filled with more diverse articles from various grades and events.
It was my pleasure to take pictures of students smiling and enjoying our school events and activities. It was a unique and interesting experience and I really enjoyed being self-assigned as a school reporter. 



Sophia Kim
Grade 7
Indian Mountain School (IMS)

Sophia Kim  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Matthew Choi 2019-06-26 18:37:57

    Your article was very reflective, especially on how you plan to use this website as another news platform along with the Korea Herald. I think that your article needs to be more complex, such as adding more of the why and the how.   삭제

    • Rachel Lee 2019-06-25 10:17:48

      I enjoyed reading your article and liked your idea of creating a platform on which students can keep updated on events on campus! However, I think it would be useful if you included more detail on why you were inspired to start the account! Overall, good work!   삭제

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