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GraduationMarking the End and the Beginning
Written by Katherine Suk | Published. 2019.06.19 10:44 | Count : 370
On May 24th, Seoul International School (SIS) held a graduation for the Seniors who are moving onto their next journey in their lives. This event is one of the biggest events held at SIS since it indicates an official end of high school for Seniors. Parents, relatives, friends from other schools, alumni, and underclassmen all attend this event to congratulate the seniors by giving out flowers, small cards, and presents. Seniors send out graduation cards a few days before the event to underclassmen that they know and invite them to their graduation. It is a tradition for the underclassmen to give out flowers to the seniors that gave them an invitation letter. As it is an important event, the graduation starts at about 5:30 and goes on for approximately 3 hours.
[Picture with Kyuhee Han (11), Lauren Kang (11), Lynette Kim (11).
Photo taken by Katherine Suk]
The event starts off with a speech by the principal and praises the seniors for their hard work and talks about how amazing the year was. Then, the vice principal calls out each individual with their plans for their future education such as college and their own personal message that they requested to school before graduation. The personal messages are the entertaining part as some people request in unique and funny messages. One senior this year requested the vice principal to sing the “Star Wars” theme song, which made everyone crack up. Next, the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and the President Student Council make speeches in order. After the speeches, every senior stands up and throw their graduate cap in the air, and that is when hundreds of cameras flash in order to get the perfect shot.
Now, after graduation caps are thrown, the visitors get to talk to seniors personally. Seniors change to their personal clothes and start to take pictures with the visitors that came to congratulate them. This is when undergraduate students enter the battlefield. Since there are so many people, they need to squeeze through the crowd and seek for seniors that they bought flowers for. “My clothes are covered in sweat halfway through the ‘flower-giving-out-session’. It is exhausting but I still want to congratulate the seniors for their hard work and the support that they have given me throughout the year,” said Christine Yu, an underclassmen attending Seoul International School. After giving the flowers, the parents take pictures of the seniors together. This process is the longest because it goes on until everyone is done sending out the flowers, presents, and cards. After the graduation, the seniors congratulate themselves with an after-party.
[Picture with Hannah Kim (12). Photo taken by Katherine Suk]
High school graduation is not only an event that celebrates the end of high school for seniors, but also an opportunity for lowerclassmen, relatives, and alumni to interact with them for the last time on campus. It is an event that doesn’t only indicate the end, but it also indicates the bright future that all of the seniors are going to go through. As it is considered one of the biggest events at SIS, it is the most memorable one as well. This year’s graduation that took place several days ago, just like any other graduations that took place in previous years, was filled with laughter and tears.


Katherine Suk
9th grade
Seoul International School

Katherine Suk  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Rachel Lee 2019-06-25 10:04:20

    As a fellow student at SIS, I can agree that going to graduation was exciting yet sentimental! As a member of the choir that performed on graduation night, I felt especially emotional watching our seniors sing for the last time.   삭제

    • Jaehong Min 2019-06-20 14:40:51

      As a junior, graduation at my school was especially sentimental. I think the highlight of graduation is after the actual ceremony, and getting to say your final goodbyes with the seniors. I'm glad that you had a memorable experience at graduation as a freshman, it's an experience you can't miss!   삭제

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