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Successfully Ending 2018 with DALMUN
Written by Minji Kang | Published. 2019.02.01 16:13 | Count : 290
From December 14th to the 16th, the fourth annual DALMUN (Dalton Model United Nations) 2018 was held in Cheongna Dalton School. It was hosted by the secretary general of the school, in which he was in charge of organizing all the major events happening within the following three days. DALMUN has always been a tradition for high school students at the end of year and it was a bit more unique this year since the middle school committee was established for the first time, which included lot more members from the school. 

On the first day, the delegates busily arrived at the registration desk and received their name tags representing their respective countries. They shoved themselves into the hall for the official opening ceremony for DALMUN 2018 as it was initiated with the marked speech from the secretary general. DALMUN consisted of four committees in total, with the inclusion of the middle school committee: WHO (World Health Organization). The other three committees were ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council), HRC (Human Rights Council), and SC (Security Council); each of the committees had one agenda to deliberately discuss over the three days. Meanwhile, I was involved in the ECOSOC committee as the delegate of the United Kingdom. The agenda for the committee was to find measures to implement sustainable development for countries with an ageing population. Since most of the other delegates were anxious, the chairs called for an icebreaker, which was intended to help them relax on the first day. Some even had to sing in front of the class and the committee gradually embraced a friendly atmosphere.

[Introducing the Secretariats in the Opening Ceremony, photo taken from
Facebook Page: https://www.dalmun2018.com/records?fbclid=IwAR2KsDRUj6ipZQk2CdsgiyABpnJksIkpHwbRYfnNRDT6K0kz1uxUfOADrI]

When the first session began, the delegates settled down in their seats as the chairs opened up the first general speakers list. Each country introduced their stances in front of the podium voiced their opinions about the problem. Throughout the moderated caucus, various ideas and solutions were posed; however, there was some disparity between the developed and developing nations due to issues regarding financial aid. As the delegate of the United Kingdom, I maintained status quo and reached out to a few underdeveloped countries, providing them plausible solutions.

During the un-moderated caucuses, the delegates gathered in small blocs to converse more deeply about the topic. Some countries such as Italy and Japan insisted on increasing or even fixing the retirement age for elders in order to reduce the ageing population. However, it faced some limitations as the United Nations were not allowed to intervene in an individual's freedom of choice. Though it was only a first session, there were incessant debates that the chairs later had to halt the discussion to move onto the next session. Since the problem of ageing population was arising worldwide, all of the delegates actively participated to sort out the issue as a whole.

The second day began right off with the start of the second session. There was a total of six sessions, and the second day probably required the most work from the delegates. However, many of them were engaged in the debates and were enthusiastic to propose a resolution. The fun part about DALMUN was the talent show and the buffet during dinner on the second day. Many staffs, chairs, and the secretariats went up on the stage and boasted their talents that varied widely, from singing to dancing. After the show ended, the delegates returned to their dorms and worked on the resolutions. However, thanks to each of their painstaking work, the resolution for the committee was successfully carried out by the end of the next day.

[Members of ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) Committee, photo taken from
DALMUN Page: https://www.dalmun2018.com/records?fbclid=IwAR2KsDRUj6-

The last day was also filled with enthralling voices of the delegates as our committee worked on the final touches of the resolution. I admit that the three days of DALMUN right after the finals was definitely challenging, but I was able to receive the outstanding delegate award due to the help of other delegates being absorbed into the debates and putting their best efforts. It was one of the memorable experiences and I would love to recommend to those who are not interested in MUN to throw them in trying out this wonderful event held at Dalton each year.

Minji Kang
Grade 11th
Cheongna Dalton School

Minji Kang  student_reporter@dherald.com

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