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2018 KISJ Fall Festival
Written by Kim Dongki | Published. 2018.12.11 21:00 | Count : 383
[A picture was taken by my mother of the fall festival]
Last month, on October 18, our school opened a fall festival. The fall festival is an annual festival opened by our school, welcoming all students from three other schools around our school. On this day, lots of clubs, students, and parents were proposing booths to advertise their organization or sell their goods. This festival has become the biggest source of profit for the school clubs throughout the year. With the profit, the clubs could hold some projects or donations to support the school community or those who need help. Parents on the other hand, they were on the festival to sell various culture’s food that the middle school and elementary school students researched and chose beforehand to promote the diversity of culture.
[Picture was taken by my mother of the parents hosting a booth]
Before the festival was held, many clubs had to make a reservation for the places for the booth. Even our club (Chemistry and Tail Club) competed and tried to get a good spot - middle of the festival -in order to get more people to come. After they reserved a booth, they then started to get volunteers from their own clubs for booth management. By reserving the places for a club, instead of choosing and setting up booth on first comes first, there were no confusions between clubs on the day of the festival.
I participated in two different clubs: chemistry and tail. Tail is an unchartered club in our school that supported the endangered animals for 3 years. This year, we decided to sell some dog snacks and give free snacks to mainly advertise our club and make other students to join our club. On the other hand, in the chemistry club, we sold the shower jelly that we prepared during club time. Also, we made quick three games using the chemistry lab equipment: for example, one game was trying to guess the amount of water using beaker and graduated cylinder. I mainly participated as a booth holder in the chemistry club since there were already many people in the Tail club.
[Picture was taken by my mother of the chemistry club booth]
During the festival, I had conversations with many people not only from high school but also from middle and elementary school, and even from other schools. At first, I was too shy to talk with many people and explain about the games when they came to the booth. However, as the other club members encouraged each other and introduce their games, I was soothed and tried to talk with people. At last, as our club lacked the time and we got some items that were left to sell, I rushed to the crowd and started selling. 
Now as I look back at the festival, I regret my five years of school life. I have been trying to avoid festivals which had hundreds of people in a place, since they required an interaction with others. I hid from the people and often stayed in the booths located in the corner of our school or tried to stay with friends. However, from this experience - which I had to interact - I learned that interacting with others shouldn’t be feared and it should be overcome in order to work as one participant of the society. Despite the past, now I think that changing me is very important to participate in contributing to society in future, so I would have to try to overcome my fear and interact with others. The first step on changing is, I think changing my own mindset and my hypersensitive reaction toward the others that I am not well known of.

Kim Dongki
Grade 11
Korea International School Jeju

Kim Dongki  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Jaehong Min 2019-01-13 21:19:43

    It's really great and even empowering that you were able to have a good experience, interacting with other people. Although there were some technical mistakes here and there, your article shined in that your personal experience and growth was visible. I hope to read more of your articles; great job!   삭제

    • Matthew Choi 2018-12-18 11:55:35

      It was intriguing to see festivals that other schools had. Not only were you able to depict is, but you were also able to make a reflection about it. I think that the article can be much better if you were to add an interview section to further develop on people's opinions about the festival!   삭제

      • Rachel 2018-12-17 10:53:47

        Because my school also hosts an annual carnival in October to fundraise for club expenses (Family Fun Day), it was interesting to see the similarities and differences between our schools' events!   삭제

        • Jason 2018-12-16 01:53:25

          ...ob to be done." Why did you spend your time volunteering? For the sake of it? Because you are passionate about it? Take some time to self-reflect, and write a piece of your journey in doing so. That way, your writing would convey a greater audience... Good work overall   삭제

          • Jason 2018-12-16 01:50:47

            Reasonable attempted reflection - I would urge you take a step further and ponder upon the process itself. Reflecting upon the experience, what were your feelings? What did it feel like when you had to "rush" and sell your items? What was the purpose of hosting a club fair like that. Remember the "j   삭제

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