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Enlightening School Spirit
Written by Minji Kang | Published. 2018.12.11 20:37 | Count : 264
Last week from November 26 to 30, Cheongna Dalton School hosted a spirit week in order to brighten up the school spirit among students. It has been a long annual tradition that was held at CDS and even at other schools. In preparation of this event, the student council had been planning deliberately considered the notable themes that students will participate with most spirit throughout the week. Since CDS requires students to appear in uniform on daily basis, spirit week was a special time where students were able to dress up into outfits other than those tedious uniforms. The first day of the spirit week was on Monday, which was the pajama day. It was one of the days I was waiting for since I could come straight to school in my comfy sleepwear. When I arrived at school, I could see most of the students in their pajamas, while some even had matching clothes with their friends.
[Photo from CDS Student Council Page]
The theme next day was the twin day, in which students were required to have a twin in either same or similar outfit. For instance, I dressed up in black sweatshirt and black pants and my friend also dressed up the same way I did. If a student did not have a twin, unfortunately, detention was also given out as one of the teachers went around the hallways, detecting the twins and taking Polaroid photos for them. The third day was the phoenix day, which was a day where students could disclose their affection for the school. It was a day to dress up in school colors and it was navy, white, or gold. Students participated the most this day since they could wear any kind of clothes involving one of any school colors. However, there was one student who dressed up in the color gold from top head to bottom toe and we all wondered how the student managed to buy gold glittering pants, which made us laugh.
The next was a day where I was willing to participate the most, which was the animal day. Most people would wonder how this would work, but students were allowed to either come in an animal costume like animal pajamas or wear any headbands with animal ears on top. Even though not a lot of students participated compared to the day before, many of them had matching clothes with their friends. My friends and I also ordered the same dinosaur pajamas the week before. Since we planned for this day way ahead of time, we were very excited when the day approached. When I arrived, I saw various types of animals, such like pandas, penguins, kangaroos, squirrels, and even a character from the Pokémon. The school seemed like an animal farm with different animals cuddling up, which was the cutest moment of this day. Furthermore, many clubs went around the school to take memorable photos and they uploaded on their social medias.


[Photo from CDS Phoenix Instagram page]

The last day was a sweatshirt day, which most students participated by wearing their favorite sweatshirts at school. I preferred matching clothes with my friends, so we all wore college sweatshirts. As the final week is approaching, the spirit week definitely enlightened the students and allowed them to chill out before stressing. I am very excited for the spirit week next year and the upcoming themes that would arouse school spirit among us.

Minji Kang
Grade 11
Cheongna Dalton School

Minji Kang  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Jaehong Min 2019-01-13 21:09:33

    Spirit week is always an opportunity to have fun with friends, and feel a sense of belonging to school. The article made me feel that you had an enjoyable experience. Your article was nice in that it went into detail about each day, but it would have been better if it talked about some fun stories!   삭제

    • Matthew Choi 2018-12-18 11:59:02

      Nice topic! You did well in elaborating on what exactly occurred in spirit week. However, it would be better if you were to add more of you own opinions of the spirit weeks, such as what could be improved, into the article.   삭제

      • Jason 2018-12-16 02:04:26

        Good narrative of the Spirit Week - perhaps you could have added at the end a small reflection on the week as a whole. Does it achieve its purpose, if it has one? Is this a good or bad tradition? This way you can touch upon the greater phenomenon on tradition and whatnot.   삭제

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