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Columbia University SoccerTracey Bartholomew Women’s College ID Camp
Written by Jin Chey | Published. 2018.09.15 23:29 | Count : 1058
Among a myriad of activities, soccer is one of my greatest passions. Ever since I was young, I would always be the first child to run out to play soccer with my friends. Playing soccer allows me to express myself in different ways, and I have found that I can build stronger friendships through team spirit. Teammates and I can understand each other better from undergoing checkered experiences together. From comforting one another and sometimes critically  advising each other, we learn from playing together. Therefore, soccer is my most dependable catharsis, and whether I am happy or feeling down, playing soccer reinvigorates my body and lifts my spirits. Until today, I have been pursuing my zeal for soccer, and I hope to discover more opportunities and participate in more soccer events.

[Women’s Soccer at Columbia University: https://www.nycsocceracademy.com/college-id-camps]

During the scorching summer of 2018, I attended to few college ID camps, which are venues where coaches can identify possible recruits. With the proliferation of NCAA, numerous college coaches are inclined to utilize practical ID camps to bring new blood into their recruiting pool. Columbia University offered the Elite Academic & Athletic College ID Camp from August 3rd to August 4th at Columbia University’s Baker Athletics Complex in the Bronx. As an aspiring collegiate athlete, I was enthralled to seize this opportunity to showcase my abilities, learn more about the college recruiting process, and enhance my skills to a higher level. The Elite College ID camp was a 2-day college showcase and competitive training program for players who plan to pursue at the college level and the camp was open to girls from grades 8 to 12.

[Columbia Athletics: taken by a teammate at camp]

Tracey Bartholomew, the Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Columbia University, hosted and led the program. This camp was staffed by the Columbia Women’s Soccer Program, and miscellaneous colleges with rigorous academic and athletic programs ranging from Division 1 to Division 3 were all present during this camp.  There were representatives and coaches from Connecticut College, Middlebury College, New York University, Stevens Institute of Technology and Wesleyan University who ran sessions, taught skills, and evaluated games. In addition to the coaching staff, several current Columbia players and alumni were also in attendance to share their experiences with the young.

[Tracey Bartholomew (Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Columbia University): https://www.nycsocceracademy.com/college-id-camps ]

Following the registration and introductions on August 3rd, the day consisted of training session, admission information from Columbia College and Barnard, an optional position-specific session, and a game session. The next day was very similar but instead of the information class, there was a Q&A session which opened doors for players to freely ask any questions directly to the college coaches. The curriculum was arduous since it was designed to replicate the college level training sessions, comprised of technical training and both abbreviated and full-length game. This unique camp provided me with an opportunity to forge friendships with a wide range of confreres as a 16-year-old, it enables me to glimpse the rigor of college soccer. Although I was physically exhausted, I returned from this camp with an even stronger passion for soccer.

[Columbia University's Baker Athletics Complex and Field: Jin Chey]


Jin Chey 
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      As someone who hasn't been involved in athletic activities, I didn't know much about the opportunities provided to student athletes, so this article gave me a lot of insight on that topic! Like Jaehong said underneath, I would also appreciate if you gave us a personal anecdote as well!   삭제

      • Jaehong Min 2018-09-29 19:27:10

        I think it's very admirable that you're passionate about sports, especially a difficult one like soccer. There were some instances where vocabulary use was a bit clunky, but you did a good job on delivering your experience overall. I think it would have been fun to hear a more specific anecdote!   삭제

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