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Blockchain utilization in transportation
Written by Matthew Choi | Published. 2018.09.11 19:29 | Count : 576
On August 18th, I was able to visit the “BlockChain Center” in Seoul, thanks to how I was in contact with one of their administrators. Before I share my experience, it would be convenient to define “blockchain” as explicitly as possible. The blockchain is a list of records that can be
read using cryptocurrency, with a prominent example being “Bitcoin.” This technology is revolutionizing the world from acting as currency, to sharing information. When I came to visit the “Blockchain Center,” they were primarily focused on applying blockchain technology to help
the taxi industry reconcile their relationship with customers. In South Korea, the conflict between
Taxi drivers and customers has only gotten more severe.

[The production team on break from filming one of the interviewees, taken by Matthew Choi]
In order to try and solve this conflict while applying blockchain technology, the
“Blockchain Center” hired a production company to create a documentary style film that featured interviews of various taxi company CEOs, and professors of transportation. During the interviews, it was the evident that the BlockChain Center’s efforts were genuine when it came to proposing a synergy for both the taxi drivers and the customers so that both of them could benefit using the blockchain technology. They plan to do so by utilizing blockchain technology to reveal the identity of both the customer and the taxi driver so that both of them can trust each other through their relationship by having one serve the other and making sure that the
customer did not make any actions that would harm the taxi driver. There are, according to one of the interviewees, approximately 80 taxis that have already applied the blockchain technology in South Korea as a test run.


[The blockchain center logo, taken by me]


[Myself on the interview set, taken by the production team respectively]

In fact, one of the interviewees stated that “Now is a time deep thought for the taxi industry, due to how the wants of the customers deviate from the company goals.” This seemed to be true, due to how there were, according to the interviewees, a lot of complaints about the service quality. However, there also seemed to be another factor to this problem that has not yet been addressed: Government regulations. It is apparent that there are government regulations that restrain taxi companies from doing as they please. However, according to the interviewees, it may have gotten too far, and since the government regulations on car accidents are too
lenient towards the owner of the car, there are several people who have been left victimized, including several taxi drivers in recent years.

It seems to me that blockchain technology has the potential to bring human technology to the next level, but, it also is apparent that technology cannot reach its full potential unless most, if not all of the limits surrounding it are released. It is true that the government has set the regulations to technology in order to protect the people, but, it may be more plausible for the government to loosen these regulations to pave way for the blockchain technology, since this may be the best way they can fulfill their job of “protecting” the public. Along with that, I also have to comment that the taxi-customer relationship has gotten a lot severe and that it must be addressed to the public as something more than just an “unfortunate incident” that is seen occasionally in the news. This is a threat; this must be dealt with; and as of now, the blockchain technology might as well be one of our best bets on doing so.



Matthew Choi 
Asia Pacific International School

Matthew Choi  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Jason W 2018-10-06 12:58:24

    ...d how blockchain technology would mend severed relationships between drivers and passengers. At its current state, the audience is left confused. Solid attempt, though.   삭제

    • Jason W 2018-10-06 12:56:36

      It would have been nice in your introduction to clearly identify what the problem was between cab drivers and passengers... It's important to be explicit with your audience. I know it's complicated and requires specialized knowledge, your article would have been more coherent if you presented why an   삭제

      • Jaehong Min 2018-09-13 00:57:35

        Thank you for the comprehensive article on blockchain, surely a controversial but potentially innovative technology. The conclusion of your article was very solid; it not only encompasses the important aspects of the current debate on blockchain but also puts focus on the taxi-customer relationship.   삭제

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