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Seoul Comic Con 2018
Written by Matthew Choi | Published. 2018.08.10 20:11 | Count : 953

On August 5th, I was able to return to the annual Seoul Comic Con, an event where people gather together to enjoy comics. I had previously seen the 1st Seoul Comic Con, which astounded me with the quality exhibits, activities and such. 

Comic Con Seoul

After that event, I had high hopes for the 2nd Seoul Comic Con, and I was surprised to see the key differences between the two Comic Cons.


[The entrance to Comic Con 2018, and a Deadpool figure
(taken by Matthew Choi respectively)]

I initially realized that this year’s Comic Con seemed to be less crowded than before, despite the fact that it was a Sunday. Compared to the previous 2017 Comic Con, there were fewer booths, and fewer souvenirs to buy. This may have been a direct consequence of the new Comic Con having less space in comparison to the previous one. Along with that, there were more celebrities in this Comic Con, such as Ezra Miller, the actor of “Flash” in Justice League and Michael Rooker, the actor of “Yondu” in Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as Greg Pak, the writer of the comic Batman vs Superman. Compared to last year, there are more big names that have been brought to Comic Con.

[Photo of me next to a comic selling booth]

It is not just the addition of these celebrities that have changed Comic Con. Due to the popularity of recent games such as Fortnite, an entire hall was dedicated to visitors playing computer games. The popularity of recent games was even more evident than last year, due to the rise of Fortnite and Battleground. In fact, several of the cosplayers were dressed up as game characters from Battleground. Older games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm were also cosplayed, albeit, to a smaller degree than the previous Comic Con. During the previous Comic Con, there were barely any game franchise booths(with the exception of the Blizzard Company).

Another thing I was able to quickly note was the ever-growing presence of anime. Anime had always been considered as “comics,” but this year, this idea was highlighted by the immeasurable anime displays and the amount of dedication made in making anime figures to sell. Some places were even turning on anime movies that people generally enjoyed. Due to anime’s conception of having better plots than several movies, it has been lauded with praise from several Comic Con visitors. In fact, the number of anime cosplayers seemed to dwarf the number of cosplayers as Battleground players, and several of the booths were solely dedicated to selling anime franchise items. Meanwhile, the 2017 Comic Con was unable to show this trend of anime, with barely any booths representing it.

After I created my first Comic Con article last year, many people who had read the article commented that this year, my article should include a section on cosplays. The cosplayers were brought to another level from last year. Last year, the bulk of the cosplayers were dressed as Marvel characters, or characters from popular games at the time such as Overwatch and League of Legends. However, this year, there were several more additions, such as characters from the DC movie franchise, anime such as Dragonball and One Piece, and several Fortnite and Battleground cosplayers, along with the same cosplayers from last year.

All in all, unlike the previous 2017 Comic Con, I have to say that Comic Con was able to represent the trend of entertainment in society, as well as keeping its reputation as a “comic” convention. As much as this year’s Comic Con was entertaining, I have to say that this time, Comic Con did a terrific job in connecting current entertainment trends with comics, games, movies and anime. Comic Con isn’t just a “comic” convention, but something more representative of modern entertainment. 




Matthew Choi
Asia Pacific International School 

Matthew Choi  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Im Dakyoung 2018-08-21 00:52:15

    I like the easy flow of the article! Everything is clearly elaborated just good for understanding. I also liked the clear comparison btw the last and this year's. It might have been a little better if you explained who and why the group-in-charge actually take up the trouble for such a convention.   삭제

    • Rachel Lee 2018-08-10 23:45:32

      I've never gone to these types of conventions before, so it was really cool to see how people can share their interests at Comic Con! I'd like to know if you visited any panels and if so, which was your favorite.   삭제

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