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Club Forum in HAFS
Written by Hee Ju Kim | Published. 2018.08.06 19:47 | Count : 486
One of the biggest events that clubs in Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies conduct is the ‘Club Forum’. This is a meeting between several academic clubs that share similar interest. Through this event, clubs and other students in HAFS get to share their knowledge and trade their research results.
Club Forums begin as each club leaders that share similar field of studies choose their topic of the forum. As they choose their topic, the club leaders set the schedule, and each member of the club form small groups for presentation. There are usually two or three groups in one club for the presentation. Members can prepare simple presentation using visual effects or also have a debate about certain topic. We conduct this forum in audiovisual room, around 7 p.m. when all the other clubs do their activities. About sixty to seventy people attend this event.I have done two club forums last semester, and I would like to share my experience during preparation and presentation.
I had my first forum in May 30th, 2018, as a member of ‘The POS’, the club that studies about philosophy of science. We did it with two other clubs called ‘Sophia Medicus’, the medical philosophy club, and ‘The Scholars’, the club that studies the humanities.

[Photo of the team in ‘The POS’ presenting about ‘The way to develop New Science Movement in a right way.’ Taken by Hee Ju Kim]

[Photo of the team in ‘Sophia Medicus’ presenting about ‘History of Science Revolution.’ Taken by Hee Ju Kim]

Our main topic was ‘New Science Movement’. We had about six teams presenting about topics like ‘The History of Science Movement’, ‘What goal should New Science Movement aim for’, ‘Relationship between social change and the New Science Movement’, etc. Each group had eightminutes of presentation time and three minutes of Q&A time. After the presentation, we had a debate with the topic of “Is the segmentation of studies desirable?” We talked about philosophical notion like reductionism and holism to support both side’s arguments. The main argument evoked between the trend of today’s education and the truthful purpose of learning. Most of the participants enjoyed the debate because it contained all the key points that we have gone through in our whole forum, and the debate itself was a nip and tuck match.

My second forum was held in June 5th, 2018, and this time the scale was much bigger. We had five clubs attending this forum, and the topic was ‘The present state of New Testament development in each scientific field and how it should develop’. My teammate and I, as the representative of the club ‘Brain’, which studies about brain and central nerves system, presented about how biomarkers are being used nowadays to identify patient’s state and to prevent certain diseases by checking people’s body accurately.

 [Presentation material used by ‘BRAIN’, presenting about ‘Engineering Methods of Antipsychotic Drugs to Pass Through Blood-Brain Barrier.’ Made by Hee Ju Kim]

[Presentation material use by ‘BRAIN’, explaining basic concepts of ‘Blood-Brain Barrier.’ Made by Hee Ju Kim]

We also explored the engineering methods of antipsychotic drugs to pass through Blood-Brain Barrier, and presented methods such as MITT(Molecular Imaging and Tracking Technology), double antibody technology and physical extension. ‘The Lancet’, the medical journal club, looked at the current procedures in the drug development safety assessment, found problems in clinical trials and quality management, and proposed alternatives. ‘BIOM’, the biology club, presented their study on the research trends and problems and solutions of Biosimilar. ‘The Golden Time’, the club that studies about emergency handling, set the range of new drugs that can be used in an emergency. Lastly, ‘Apotheke’, the medicine club, introduced stem cell treatments and immune cell treatments.

Although it takes quite a lot of time for each club to prepare for the forum, it is valuable time for us to have chance to share things we have gone through in the semester, and to evoke academical synergy for the next semester as well.


Hee Ju Kim
Grade 10th
Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies

Hee Ju Kim  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Rachel Lee 2018-08-09 17:15:39

    I think it's really interesting how different clubs focused on similar topics can help and inspire each other through this forum! I'm curious as to whether this forum can lead to long-term collaborations/alliances between attending clubs.   삭제

    • Matthew Choi 2018-08-07 18:37:08

      I think that this was very fascinating to hear about! I would like to get a more in-depth
      view on your presentation. The photos intrigued me enough to make me wonder about
      the engineering methods of anti-psychotic drugs.   삭제

      • Jaehong Min 2018-08-06 23:01:33

        (cont.) I would like to hear more about the content you presented! Just reading the article and looking at the photos were enough to make me curious about engineering antipsychotic drugs.   삭제

        • Jaehong Min 2018-08-06 23:00:54

          It’s really wonderful that students at your school get to share knowledge that one is passionate about. I can imagine how rewarding it would be to prepare a presentation about a field that I’m interested in, and to share that with people who might not know much about it.   삭제

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