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Yulchon firm internship
Written by Andrew Lee | Published. 2018.08.06 19:09 | Count : 1552

I did not expect a law firm to have so many employees. Imagining the selective and elite lawyers of Manhattan in the law firm based American series “Suits”, I expected a law firm to have around 20 lawyers add or subtract a few. All dressed immaculately, hustling around Manhattan fighting for profit, for justice, for passion. These were the lawyers I expected. But, it wasn’t. The lawyers that I interned for on the 38th floor of Yulchon law firm did not dress immaculately.They did not go around the city talking to major corporation CEOs, and they all seemed a bit too tired. When I asked an American lawyer his average sleeping hour, he told me that “…sleep is a luxury around here”.  Conversations were rare too. For the 6 hours I interned the first day, there were only a handful of conversations between the lawyers. As each lawyer had a designated room, conversation was bleak;except for the rare occasion that one lawyer visited another room asking for advice or a favor. It also seemed that most of the lawyers spent the entire day typing.To my surprise, only 40% of the lawyers in the firm physically went to court, while the other 60% were responsible for typing documents that would be submitted to the court. Since the documents that they were writing were too specified, there was no way that I could help. So naturally, my job in the firm was restricted, and I spent the day learning, absorbing bits and crumbs of advices given by various lawyers. 

[The interns pose in front of the main meeting room.
Photo courtesy of An Su Jung, my overseer, Yulchon law firm]

One could argue that my intern for Yulchon Company was not worth it because I didn’t do much. As a matter of fact, some part of that argument is correct, since I felt that I did not contribute much to the firm, where with or without my presence, the firm would have run fine. But, I must say that I learned so much from my 13-hour, 2 day internship with the firm. In fact, the whole point of an internship is for the intern to learn something from the experience, and (to) get a sense of what to do in the field. Spending time with the attorneys helped me realize the harsh realities of being a lawyer. To be a lawyer is to sacrifice play. It's about hard grit and passion, and without a driving sense to love law, it is nearly impossible to continue law, as it is a very demanding field. I also discovered that lawyers need to be creative, but the most important skill is to be able to write logically. Before my internship, I thought speech was the pinnacle of law, but lawyers during our 40 minute lunch break repeated time after time that you have to be able to write well, connect the dots between logical thoughts in order to be a good lawyer. 

I realized through my stay in the prestigious firm called Yulchon that I had a tiny passion for law. Just a tiny bit. But through my internship I was able to really imagine myself sitting in a desk at 1 AM, cracking down on a case with my tie slightly loosened around my neck. It might be pain-stacking tiring, but to be able to get a case and try and crack it, and to see my client happy would be one of the most rewarding feelings known to man-kind. I did not take this internship for granted, and my future may be headed to a law school somewhere in the world after my college ends.  



Andrew Lee 
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Company (SMIC) Private School

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  • Rachel Lee 2018-08-10 23:50:49

    I enjoyed your article! Your introduction was intriguing to the readers and captured their attention. In the future, I think it would be better to describe more about what you did there, even if it's about the mundane details of working at the firm, and a bit less of just your feelings.   삭제

    • Jaehong Min 2018-08-07 00:12:51

      Before I read your article, I had close to no idea what happens in a law firm. I felt that your article described what happens in a law firm quite well! I would have liked it even more if you talked more about your personal experience, and what you felt during your internship.   삭제

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