Who are your Favorite Artists?
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As a student who loves art, I noticed that choosing several artists as my role model seems to be beneficial in when it comes to finding my art style. Here are two contemporary artists who inspire me when I create my own art.
Cinta Vidal is a female artist who uses oil paint on wood panels or walls to draw architectural but surrealist artworks. She paints a combination of people, plants, houses, and daily life items on a 3 dimensional geometric figure. In her drawings, the rule of gravity is broken. I liked how she creatively combined nature with an industrial-looking white three dimensional figures. Her color choices often match her theme quite well. The color scheme she usually uses is grey. The incredible amount of detail in her drawings is also quite impressive. Vidal usually paints vines and houses of all types realistically. As well as her hyper realistic style, she adds a touch of surrealism into her paintings. Surrealism is the style of art that was first introduced in the early 20th century and artists use the style to express the mere combination between dreams and reality. Vidal embodied the style by painting buildings, people and plants as if they were living in another dimension since gravity is defied in her paintings. There are no straight roads or sometimes even floors in her paintings. The combination of architecture and surreal art style caught my eye, since her drawings look unique in every angle. I could notice her talent in shading and in the usage of tones which enhances the realistic look of the paintings.
What I love about Cinta Vidal’s art style is that although they portray very simplistic things, they manage to be mesmerizing at the same time. The way she combined and connected everyday sights around her neighborhood was something that I hadn’t seen before.
I first got to know Cinta Vidal through social media. I was looking for an inspiration when I was struggling to find an idea for a school art project from last year. Looking through her Instagram account page, I found the theme of defying gravity in her paintings very unique and eye-catching. I was especially inspired by a painting called “Cats on white.” Like the title itself, the painting was very simple- consisting of only cats and white shelves- but I was intrigued by the layout and the imaginative positioning of the cats. After the inspiration from this particular painting, I managed to create a painting for a surrealism project. 
[‘Miami’ by Cinta Vidal. Photo courtesy of “‘Miami.’” Cinta Vidal, 6 Apr. 2017, cintavidal.com/portfolio/miami/.]


[‘Cats on White’ by Cinta Vidal. Photo courtesy of “‘Miami.’” Cinta Vidal,
6 Apr. 2017, cintavidal.com/portfolio/miami/.]


[My painting ‘Stairs’, a project from last year’s art course. Photo courtesy of So Young Koo.]
Jeff Koons is another inspirational artist to me. Koons uses metalized porcelain when he works with sculptures and uses oil paint and other various media to paint. He sometimes adds in photography to his artworks as well. He uses people, trending items and balloons as theme for many of his artworks. His style can be categorized into pop art and contemporary art. 
My first encounter with Jeff Koons was by one of his most well known artwork, the ‘Balloon Dog.’ It seems like an enormous balloon, but it is actually made of metalized porcelain. Seeing Koons artworks, I was instantly fascinated by the fact that he was able to depict a balloon including the smallest detail. Another famous artwork of his is the collection of the ‘Gazing Ball’. The ‘Gazing Ball’ collection/series is a combination of painting and sculpture. A deep blue colored sphere made out of metalized porcelain is attached to a painting. 
If you are a student who is curious about art, I would recommend taking your first step by building your own list of favorite artists.
[Photo of one of the ‘Gazing Ball’ collection in the 2015 Jeff Koons exhibition in the Pompidou centre. Taken by So Young Koo]
[A pink colored design of the ‘Balloon Dog’ collection from the 2015 Jeff Koons exhibition in the Pompidou centre. Taken by So Young Koo.]
[A photo from my art project booklet showing one of the clay
sculptures me and my sister made during fifth grade.
Taken by So Young Koo.]

“‘Miami.’” Cinta Vidal, 6 Apr. 2017, cintavidal.com/portfolio/miami/.

“Cinta Vidal - ‘Cats on White’ - Oil on Wood Panel - 60 x 60 Cm (23.6‘x23.6’).”Beinart Gallery, shop.beinart.org/products/cinta-vidal-cats-on-white-oil-on-wood-panel-60-x-60-cm-23-6x23-6?variant=6267223146528.

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    Your article is really knowledgeable! I like how your article included detailed elaboration on the painter and the artwork itself. It was easy for a reader like me who does not have basic things about art to understand! Only room for improvement is the lack of arrangement of facts and explanation.   삭제

    • Jaehong Min 2018-08-07 00:16:26

      I have some interest in art, but I'm not quite skilled at it myself. The article and the pieces introduced inspired me greatly. Although it might be difficult, I think it would be great if you elaborated more about how you were inspired, and what kind of feelings were evoked by the art. Great job!   삭제

      • Jason W 2018-08-04 23:47:50

        Great article. Love your piece inspired by Vidal's work. I think it would be great if you could explain particular aspects of her work and how you applied it to your own... Perhaps next time you can also include a piece or an example of how Koons' work inspired your artwork.Keep up with the good wor   삭제

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