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Spending Time like a Local German
Written by Sophie Yang | Published. 2018.07.27 14:42 | Count : 798
On August 22, I traveled alone to Frankfurt, Germany to see my uncle’s family. Rather than enjoying other tourist activities, I spent my time hanging out with my cousins, following them around to see how local Germans spend their leisure time. I completely put away all my academics such as any homework, projects, or any other assignments that had to be done and focused on relaxing and enjoying time with my family.
[Frankfurt Am Main, photo courtesy of Sophie Yang]    
[Oseburl sky, photo courtesy of Sophie Yang]
Located 20 minutes from the city, my uncle’s house was in a large complex next to a large forest—the perfect location for an escape from the polluted city air of Korea. It was nice to stay away from the chaotic city and enjoy nature for once.

Every morning, I started the day early to walk down to the bakery with my cousin to buy fresh bread. Breakfast was like a buffet with all sorts of meats, fruits, and bread laid out for each person to choose what they like. To be honest, breakfast was one of my favorite things about Germany, because I could eat all my favorite German sausages, salami, and ham with fresh fruits and vegetables every single day—not something always available in Korea.
[Breakfast at Uncle’s house, photo courtesy of Sophie Yang]
After breakfast, my cousins and I would always go for a walk in the woods to help digest our breakfast and start the day with some fresh air. We would play a small game of who could spot the most animals. Although a bit childish, it was it made our long walk in the nature quite entertaining. In fact, to see the deer, foxes, and rabbits in their natural habitat was quite interesting, since the forest was just in front of my uncle’s house. It definitely wasn't something commonly seen around in the city.

[Woods in front of Uncle’s House, photo courtesy of Sophie Yang]

For the rest of the day we would either go to the swimming pool to escape the heat, hang out in the backyard, go shopping, or simply rest at home. However, not every moment of my trip was quiet and relaxing. One of those moments occurred when I was watching the World Cup with my uncle's family. We watched the match between Germany and Korea at the largest German restaurant, Oselburl I honestly did not expect Korea to win against Germany. However, it was definitely one of the most thrilling events that happened while I was in Germany.

[Watching the Korea vs. Germany World Cup Game, photo courtesy of Sophie Yang] 

This vacation not only allowed me to spend time with my family, but also let me relax in nature—something I haven’t done in a long time. Living in a society with high academic demands, students are buried in academic work. Especially in Korea, students seem to be as busy during the break as during the school year. With all these academies, homework, assignments, and tests taking up students’ time, the importance to take a break is often overlooked. Taking at least two to three days for a vacation is good for your mind and body, letting yourself wind down from being overwhelmed in all the academic work and make the best of your summer break.

Sophie Yang
9th grade
Korea International School

Sophie Yang  student_reporter@dherald.com

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  • Jason W 2018-07-30 20:06:45

    Great insights! I've never been to Germany myself, and just by reading your article I want to visit there more. It's a sad reality that we often overwork ourselves and don't find time to relax and cool down our minds. Next time, perhaps include expertopinion to furtherconvince that rest is important   삭제

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