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Black Rock FC in Cap City College Showcase
Written by Jin Chey | Published. 2018.05.02 21:35 | Count : 453

Black Rock FC (BRFC) was established in 2013 and developed itself as a preeminent club in America. BRFC has produced many top college players and young professionals and gained national acclaim for its exciting brand of attacking football. It is also known as a club that stresses each player’s development both on and off the field. The club structure provides continuous progress and competitive opportunities for prep school players (U15-U19) in addition to those within the public-school sector (U5-U19). 

Last fall, the BRFC established a girls’ team for the first time. Along with many girls from both public and private schools, I was nominated by my school coach to join the club team. There is only one girls’ team composed of girls in 8th to 12th grades. Coming from a junior boarding school, I was one of the youngest players on the team. Other teammates were from various public schools and boarding schools in CT, such as The Pittsfield High School, The Monument Mountain Regional High School, The Hotchkiss School, The Taft School, The Berkshire School, and more. 

The coaches believe in developing players with good character and strong values. Beyond the field, their aim is to help the players commit to excellence in the classroom and throughout their school communities. We practice every Wednesday and Sunday for an hour and half altogether as a team. Last weekend, our team participated in the Cap City College Showcase in Albany, Ny for Women's U18 Platinum category. There were 6 teams: Black Rock FC Prep Elite, Coliseum 99-00 Coliseum Girls Premier, NY Elite FC Tigers, Nirvana 360 North Firestorm 00, Greenbush Reign 00/01, and Plattsburgh FC Lakers.

Frankly, I was quite nervous since it was my time to participating in a tournament/showcase as a Black Rock player. Moreover, since multiple players were from a distant location, it was a first time we ever came together as an entire team. Despite the fact that some of us saw each other for the first time, we cooperated really well. Although we all anticipated some challenges as a whole, such as lack of anticipation for each others’ position on the field, we were able accomplish an astonishing result, coming in 2nd in the tournament.

[A photo taken by Coach Brown of the Black Rock FC]

Our first, game was against Nirvana at 8am on April 14th. Since I normally play an attacking midfielder and a striker, it was extremely unusual for me to play a right back. However, I told myself to adhere to the coaches’ instructions and try my best to play an instrumental role in the team’s success. Therefore, I pushed myself through the game despite my knee injury and blisters on both of my back heels. From stunning goals scored by two players from Hotchkiss, we won our first game by 5-1. Then, after relaxing for a few hours, we headed into our second game against Greenbush at 3:30pm. With some more communication and accurate passes, we bonded even better in the second game than in the first. Another factor that aggravated our team morale and urgency was an extremely harsh and cold weather of rain and wind. Despite the fierce weather, we held another victory of 6-2.

After a night of recovery, we played a critical game against Coliseum at 12:30pm on the next day. The outcome of the game would determine which team went to the final. Again, the weather was a impediment we had to overcome. In addition, their team was robust with multiple strong players. Although it was a very close game, we triumphed with a score of 1-0. Exhilarated, our team proceeded to the final game as the 1st seed. We had 26 points while others had 18, 14, 11, 10, and 8. Our final game was against Coliseum, who had 18 points. 

At 4:30pm, we played our final game. An excessive excitement and exhaustion became two detrimental factors to our play. In the beginning of our game, we struggled to concentrate from an overjoyness and tiredness. Although we strived to score another goals towards the end of the game, we did not have enough time to come back. Therefore, although our team played well, the other team won by 2-1. 

[A photo taken by a teammate]

Through this tournament/showcase, I learned how to communicate in a more effective way with others, whom I never even met before. I also acquired a skill to be able to fit in different teams’ playing style and dedicate to a team in a way that would benefit the entire team, not just myself. Furthermore, I learned that even with hard work, things do not always turn out the way you want it to.




Jin Chey 
Grade 9
Indian Mountain School (IMS)

Jin Chey  student_reporter@dherald.com

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