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An Annual Spring Event at My SchoolField Day
Written by Byung Ouk Yu | Published. 2018.05.02 21:14 | Count : 277
Today (April 20), a special Seoul Scholars International school event took place at the small soccer field, which is the opposite side of Aju Middle School in Jamsil. It was an annual event that took place every spring in the school-field day. Field day for Seoul Scholars International this year was interesting and entertaining for many students in many aspects. There were many fun programs prepared for us, we were served delicious food by a food-truck (something like catering service), there were many expensive awards they handed out to winners for free in the end of the event, and we all made sweet memories that we would never forget even if we grow old.
[The Setting for Field Day (photographed by Byung Ouk Yu)]
First thing in the morning, all students had to meet at the small soccer field at the opposite side of Aju Middle School by 8:30 AM, which is the usual time when we come to school. Due to rumors that the previous field days were very boring and just caused the students to be tired, many students chose not to come and stayed home. However, that just made the event more entertaining because every student who came had to participate more because a large number of students didn’t come to the event. When the teachers and staff got fully prepared for the event and finished taking attendance of all the students who came, the event began by telling us which team each of us belonged to. There were a total of four teams: red, green, blue, and orange. I was in the green team. At first, I was dissatisfied with my team because there were mostly middle school students and all of my friends were in the blue team. However, I still befriended the middle school students and got along with them pretty well. After the teams were assigned, we had a few recreation events ahead of us: a jump-rope race, a passing the big ball around game, and a few other teamwork games. The team that won would win points for the award and the team that lost had two random members of the team to dance to music. Then, we headed to the official games such as limbo. After playing five games, we had lunch. For lunch, we ate several kinds of topped rice. Among them, the topped rice made from chicken ribs was most popular for the students. After lunch, we went back to the games. We played a total of seven games in the afternoon such as the relay race, bubble wresting, and dodge ball.
[Students Gathered At The Field At 8:30 (photographed by Byung Ouk Yu)]

The afternoon events were personally more fun but I was exhausted so I fell asleep during the final event which was the relay race. When all the sporting events were over, we had the award ceremonies. A few students won gifts such as backpacks and earphones. One lucky student won a box full of cup ramen, and another extremely lucky student won a set of high-quality expensive earphones. After the event, we cleaned the field, took a group photo as a school, and ended the event with separate school clubs taking photos together.

According to my friends and many students in the school, this field day was more entertaining compared to the previous ones. During this field day, there was better food served compared to regular food at school. Also, the best part of this field day was that we had it outdoors which gave more of a spring atmosphere. Also, we had more sporting events than recreation events during this field day. It was the best field day ever. 

[Student Playing Games (photographed by Byung Ouk Yu)]


Byung Ouk Yu
Grade 11
Seoul Scholars International


Byung Ouk Yu  student_reporter@dherald.com

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