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The Year as a Freshman
Written by Seungwon Choi | Published. 2018.04.06 18:04 | Count : 2031

As a Middle School student last year, I only thought of High School as something so far away. Although the High School building was right beside the Middle School’s, it felt so distant - as if it were another world. 

August 10, 2017. It was the first day of school. All freshmen seemed to be thrilled. Starting a new life in high school was a big transition for us - everything had changed. Teachers and friends were different, academic courses were broadened, and a variety of clubs were available for us as well.

Similar to any other school year, the first few weeks of the semester was peaceful and easy going. However, just as the students were about to underestimate the difficulty of high school, we were loaded with an insanely heavy amount of work - something we had never come across before.

“Freshmen have no rights to be stressed about the amount of work they have now.” Upperclassmen responded to our moans with a warning - that there were harder years to come. Even though all of the freshmen felt discontented towards the amount of work, we soon came to realize that our level of stress was not even a speck of dust compared to the upperclassmen’s.  

The students all seemed to be very exhausted and overwhelmed with the load amount of homework and tests. Therefore, the High school provided opportunities for the students to forget about the work, and leave it aside for a while. The students were able to attend events such as Discovery Week, Homecoming, APAC and KAIAC Competitions, AMIS, and a range of different clubs. For my freshmen year, I was involved in Discovery Week, Homecoming, KAIAC Cheer, and BAO club. Being able to play a part in each of these events were a whole new experience, very meaningful as well. 

[Decorated Homecoming tables - Photo taken by Seungwon Choi]
[Helping children during Discovery Week - Photo taken from the SFS Website]

To the upcoming freshmen, I would like to give a few tips about how to manage time, and what to do as freshmen. First, I struggled with managing time at the beginning of the year. But, as I got used to the workloads, I found a way to use my time wisely. The one key thing to remember is to not procrastinate - it is a hackneyed expression, but it really helps. Procrastination is a poor habit that steals your time. For example, it could turn a 30 minute assignment into a 3 hour one. 

“Freshmen year was about finding my passions early on - to commit yourself in sophomore year” - response from an upperclassmen to the question ‘How did you spend your freshman year?’

Another small advice is that we should be using the first year of high school wisely. Finding our true passions early on will definitely pay off in the sophomore year and beyond.

My first year of High School as a freshman is already coming to an end. Noticing how quickly the time has passed, I could conclude that my first year of high school was a success. There were stressful moments when it came to projects and assessments, but other than that, I enjoyed every single second of it. 








Seungwon Choi
Seoul Foreign School

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