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How amazing Pyeongchang winter Paralympics players are
Written by Injae Choi | Published. 2018.03.28 15:45 | Count : 352
Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was a successful event and so as Winter Paralympics. All the players performed their best to achieve the medals and share the joy. We cannot also forget about the closing ceremony because it caught a lot of global attention. South Korea finished the winter Olympics with five gold medals, eight silver medals, and four bronze medals. For Paralympics, South Korean players won one gold medal and two bronze medals. Curling and skeleton received a lot of recognition in Korea after Pyeongchang winter Olympics. All the players deserve a lot of respects; however, in my perspective, players who deserve more respect are winter Paralympics players. These players are true super-humans, and more people need to realize how amazing they are. It is never easy to overcome physical challenges to become an athlete. Additionally, it takes more training for Paralympics players to achieve medals. I never realized how amazing Paralympic players are until I watched a Para Ice Hockey game on March
[A photo of Gangneung Hockey Center taken by Dave Choi ]
[A photo of Italy and Sweden Ice Hockey game taken by Dave Choi ]
I had the opportunity to watch Italy and Sweden Para Ice Hockey game that held in Gangneung Ice Arena. Since most players have challenges with their legs, they move around the ice rink by using two wooden sticks with a wood blade at the end. For three 15-minute periods, players perform their best to win the game. During the game, I had time to think how hard it would be to play not only Para Ice Hockey but also other winter Paralympics games. After when the game was over, I was impressed by all the players’ efforts and started to respect as much as I can.

Many people do not pay close attention to Paralympics games as they do in Olympics. Some people might think that the games are boring and others might think Paralympics are not relevant. I think we need to understand how difficult it was for the players to be in that position. We also need to realize the passion these players have to play their games. These winter Paralympics players are representing their own countries with pride. Now it is our turn to give warming respects to the winter Paralympics players for their amazing work.


Injae Choi 
11th Grade
Korea Kent Foreign School

Injae Choi  student_reporter@dherald.com

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