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The Fourth Event of GECMUN
Written by ByungOuk Yu | Published. 2018.03.15 16:03 | Count : 505
[Opening ceremony for GECMUN, photo taken by Byung Ouk Yu]
From March 2nd to 4th, in KIS (Korean International School) Jeju, the fourth event of GECMUN (Global Education City Model United Nations) took place. It was a major MUN event that was attended by various international schools, such as YIS, SSI, St. Paul, KIS, and more. There were a total of twelve schools attending the event. Personally, the event was very entertaining. Students had the chance to meet new friends from m other schools, get a better feel of the MUN style discussion, and had fun at the after conference entertainment events.
[At the Founding Fathers Committee, photo taken by Byung Ouk Yu]
It was my second MUN conference, but I virtually call it my first because it was actually the first MUN conference in which I contributed a decent amount. The primary reason why me or other beginners could be more confident and talk more was because there was a small amount of delegates and the chairs were more considerable of our errors compared to the previous MUN conference I attended. There were various committees in GECMUN 1V. I was in the narco-terrorism/war on drugs committee (UNODC). Other committees included the United
Nations Security Council, General Assembly Economic and Financial Committee, General Assembly Disarmament and International Security Committee, International Olympics Committee, International Court of Justice, House Un-American Committee, The Founding Fathers, Jurassic World, and Press Corps. I had three friends who attended the Founding Fathers and Jurassic World, which was a crisis committee. Also, instead of acting as nations, they were specific people. According to them, the committee was very aggressive and sometimes too complicated to adjust, but overall, it was a fun experience than just a normal committee like mine. 
For our schedule, we arrived in KIS Jeju campus on Friday and the KIS students gave us a tour around the dormitories. Then, on the next day, we had an opening ceremony, where chairs and employees of GECMUN made speeches summarizing the event and then we finally began our MUN conferences. We had our conferences from around 10 to 6 during the first day. After the conference for day 1 ended, we had dinner from GECMUN, which were pizza, chicken, and hamburgers. To wrap up the night, we attended parties with students from other schools such as KIS Jeju and YIS. For example, my school friends and I attended the after parties. There were various events in the after parties such as karaoke, snacks, or sports. We especially enjoyed the karaoke with numerous students from KIS Jeju and YIS. It was a very fun event and I got the chance to make more friends from other schools during the karaoke event. On the final day, we began the conference at around 10 in the morning again and wrapped it up at around two. At two, we had the ending ceremony, where the chairs made speeches and students like us would receive awards for best delegates. 
[At the closing ceremony of GECMUN and awards, photo taken by Byung Ouk Yu]
For the ending ceremonies, the chairs made a final speech and handed out rewards to students who won best delegate. There were five students from each committee that won an award except for Jurassic World that had three students who won awards because there were a few students. Overall, this MUN event was a very entertaining and compelling event compared to my previous MUN event for multiple reasons like because I had the chance to speak more often, had the chance to make many new friends from other schools, and had the chance to have an entertaining time with friends at the after party, which we didn’t have in my last MUN. For beginners, I recommend this event because there are not much people in a committee and it is less competitive.


ByungOuk Yu
Grade 11
SSI (Seoul Scholars International)

ByungOuk Yu  student_reporter@dherald.com

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