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Influence of table-tennis in my school life
Written by Dongki Kim | Published. 2018.03.12 15:54 | Count : 358
Korean International School-Jeju’s table-tennis clubs is a weekly, student-run club with a goal to spread ‘table-tennis’ - an easy sport to play and learn - to the campus. I created this club with two other co-founders, by our passion to toward table-tennis. This club is still an experimental club; it means it is not an official club. However, even without the support from our school, by the members own devotion and effort this club is growing and developing. During the club time, we play competitions among ourselves, and we learn various skills such as serving and smashing. Also, some members of the club often meet on weekends to practice our skills for upcoming competitions.
The motivation for founding this club was merely just for fun and my personal ambition. For 16 years of my life, I have never played specific sports or musical instruments. As I came to high school, I saw many talented students who were good at sports, and I wanted to be like them. So, I wanted to join a sports team, but I couldn’t. I was the outside of the school’s sports teams’ society. I felt secluded, and I always left home early when others stayed in school for sports. Then, one day, I played table tennis by the suggestion of my friend and it was the first time when I actually enjoyed a sport so much that I lost the track of time. The game was simple, two or four players hit a very light ball back and forth over the net, which is placed in between two tables. Now, as a sophomore, I saw many freshmen who were ‘outsiders’ of sports teams just like myself. I wanted to help them, so I made the table-tennis club which everybody could easily join and participate to this sport.
[Picture of myself in the tournament at NLCS]
So far, we have done various activities of fundraising to advertise the sport ‘table-tennis’. The fundraising was to sell hamburgers and French fries during lunchtime with some additional price added to the original price. By this fundraiser, we bought more table tennis balls from the money we earned, and we put up a small booth for table tennis in the school lounge, where everybody could play. Then, we placed the table-tennis balls and rackets to give opportunities to all of the students and faculty members in KISJ campus. Currently, we are having another match with NLCS on May 5, 2018. We are currently having an “in a club tournament”, to divide the students into the different divisions to play. Lastly, we are planning to have an in-school tournament, to be held after school, with prizes. The students who will be participating will have to pay a fee 1000 won.
[The picture of the list of matches for in school tournament]
I have been running this club for half a year now. My thoughts about parents forcing their child to do an after-school activity like arts, music, or physical education are useless unless they enjoy it. I appreciate all the efforts that my parents made for me but most of them are in vain because I can only recall a few of those learning and never mastered any. This is because I never paid strong attention to the learning. Since I enjoyed playing in the table tennis club, I spent more time and eventually became the founder and leader of the table-tennis club. Also, since I became good at table-tennis, my personality as a person became more expressive, open, and bold. In conclusion, now as I look back at the beginning of year, I thought our club is grown and developed without the support from the school or teachers, because of the each member’s interests and dedication to the club.
[The picture of our club’s logo]

Dongki Kim
10th grade
Korea International School Jeju

Dongki Kim  student_reporter@dherald.com

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