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Being a Risk-taker
Written by Violet Hyun | Published. 2018.01.24 16:19 | Count : 489
Due to the frigid weather in Korea, people tend to travel to a warm country during the winter break. My brother, who goes to a Korean public school, forced me to stay here in Korea since his school’s winter break begins later than foreign schools, where I study at. Since I was staying home all the time, my parents realized that I was having a tedious winter break, so they brought me to a ski resort, to which I felt so much aversion.
After my first experience on the ski, I was disgruntled about being forced by my parents to ski. I hated the towering height; I hated the cold air stinging my eyes; I hated the uncomfortable shoes that I had to wear, and everything about skiing. My cousin dragged me to get on the ski lift of the beginner level. The ski lift gradually ascended as time passes. The slope is justified as "beginner level," but definitely seems to be more advanced. The steepness of the slope did not seem suitable for me, as a beginner at all. As the ski lift reached the top, I reluctantly got off the ski lift. Thankfully, the area where I got off the ski lift was flat, but if I move a centimeter forward, I will schuss down by the steepness of the slope.

My cousin glided down first, and saw my hesitant face. Then, she began shouting at me to come down quickly, without being aware of how panicked I was. After few minutes of watching my hesitation, my cousin just left me by the unbearable frustration of waiting. Now I was left alone on the top of the hill, hesitating whether I should just risk myself down the arduous ski course or ask the workers to take me back to the ground. That moment, I knew that my winter break would be the worst winter break ever.

Just in time, I witnessed another beginner around my age taking a risk and schussing down the slope. She motivated me to take a risk, so I decided in an instant to schuss down the slope as if there was no tomorrow. As I gradually approached the ground, I noticed my cousin waiting for me. With the return of my contentment, the tremble of my limbs stopped, and I glided through the rest of the slope with confidence. As my courage started to build up, I realized that I somehow taught myself how to control my limbs and glide in certain directions.

After completing my first ski slope ever, my initial experience built up my confidence to try a steeper slope. With my cousin, we headed to an intermediate-level slope. As I sat the on the ascending ski lift, the slope was clearly steeper than the beginner level. Looking down from the ski lift, it was a cliff. My heart palpitated so hard I could hear my heart pounding through the loud voices of my cousin and other people next to me on the ski lift. As the ski lift reached the top of the slope, I breathed in and out deeply and started the s-turn slowly. As I gained more confidence than my previous rides, I made a perfectly parallel line with my skis. I glided down through the chilly, refreshing zephyr shaping my wavy hair in an “s” shape followed by my s-turn.

As I practiced more and more for hours, I was able to try the slope for players in advanced level. As I learned how to ski through practicing, I found out how thrilling skiing is and why a lot of people recommended me to ski.

Skiing may be a big deal for people like me, who are frightened of height, but it is not a tough and perilous activity; it is an activity that anyone can enjoy. There are different slopes available for people in different levels. The ski resort that I went was Vivaldi Park Ski World in Hongcheon; there is an introductory slope: definitely recommended for people new to ski or people who are scared of height, and, beginner slope: slightly more inclined than the introductory slope, and much more slopes that all have different steepness. There are various slopes so people can choose the right levels for themselves to avoid any collision and schussing.

When people asked me to go to skiing resort together, I never understood why they would ski during their precious winter break. Skiing just seemed like a sacrificing activity that I definitely would never do, but beginning with the assumption that my winter break would be the worst break ever, my winter break ended up as the best winter break ever because of skiing. Instead of spending tons of money on traveling, skiing is an exhilarating activity that everyone should try. I recommend everyone to take a risk and try skiing instead of regretting about knowing how enjoyable it is later.


Violet Hyun
9th grade
Korea International School

Violet Hyun  student_reporter@dherald.com

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