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Written by Dave Choi | Published. 2018.01.20 17:03 | Count : 480
I am a member of So Kent We. And what is So Kent We? It is a community service run by Korea Kent Foreign School (KKFS) students, affiliated with Gwangjin-gu Office. I have been a member of this team since 9th grade. The volunteer work is focused on teaching English to children through reading English fairy tale books.
[A photo of Dave Choi going to read books to kids taken by Gui pre-school teacher]
The community service group in KKFS called ‘So Kent We (소켄위: 소통하는 켄트 우리)’ stands for KKFS students communicating with others. This name was chosen because the volunteer service in this group is based on talking with people. We are delighted that we are teaching English to kids since the tuition for English-speaking kindergarten is expensive in Korea, so it will be hard for a middle class family to afford English-speaking kindergarten. Due to the high tuition, it will be the grand chance for children to learn English before they enter elementary school. 
[A photo of KKFS students and a teacher from 동화사랑 연구소 taken by Gui pre-school teacher]


We begin with our song called “주먹 가위 보,” and we most likely start with Korean first and then English next. Before students start the book, we start off asking them questions about their week. Students take turns while playing the role of reading Korean and English. When we are done reading the books, we ask questions about the book to children: "How was the book?" or "What do you think the rabbit will going to do next?” The interaction between Kids and us can teach them some vocabularies. We end our volunteering by singing "주먹 가위 보" again with the kids.

It was hard for us to approach to kids because the English itself is entirely new to them. It was tough for us to get their attention. Children felt bored whenever we were singing the song in English and telling the stories in English. However, always a twist occurs: when kids get accustomed to English, they are way more active than before. They start to ask questions and they wanted to sing the English version first. We can see they have the passion for learning English now. 
[A photo of KKFS students introducing the storybook to children taken by Gui pre-school teacher]


'So Kent We,' the club has some missions: passion and leadership, and responsibilities. We are very passionate towards our work. The members are responsible for the commitment they promised with Gui Preschool. Leadership required for our group captain to arrange the community service schedule. 'So Kent We' is recruiting anyone who is interested in joining the team. If you want to join, contact us! Why don’t you start some volunteer services as your new hobby by being a member of 'So Kent We'?



Dave Choi 
11th Grade
Korea Kent Foreign School

Dave Choi  student_reporter@dherald.com

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