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SEOMUN XXAn Experience
Edit by. Jaehong Min | Published. 2018.01.13 15:57 | Count : 474
From the past November 10th to the 12th, SEOMUN XX took place at the COEX Convention Center in Seoul, South Korea.
Model United Nations, or MUN, is an extracurricular activity provided at many schools. A Model United Nations conference is an emulation of what happens at actual United Nations committees. Students attend as delegates, representing a certain country in their designated committee. Delegates work together and debate in order to create an ideal resolution suitable for the committee’s issue.
SEOMUN is the biggest Model United Nations conference held annually in Korea. SEOMUN XX marks 20 years of the SEOMUN conference. Over 600 students from 25 schools took part in the conference, and three days of sessions were held in 14 committees. Most students participate as delegates, but there are much more than just delegates. More experienced MUNers participate as student officers such as presidents in committees, or directors related to the organization of the event itself, such as design and technology directors. Advisors from the hosting school help organize the event every year, and this was done by advisors from Seoul International School. Also, the press teams create a magazine called SEOULITE, and a short video series called SeoTV.
[Press Team The Press Team is at work, editing photos and video footage that they took themselves.]
I participated in the General Assembly 1 committee as a delegate. Our committee was a large one, so everyone divided into groups and created their own resolutions. The first day was dedicated to an opening ceremony and lobbying, and the groups finalizing their individual resolutions. The second and final days were dedicated to debating, and voting for one resolution. A closing ceremony with speeches from student officers and advisors ended the three-day long journey.
[Debate Debate is in session in the General Assembly 1 committee.]

SEOMUN XX was my first large-scale MUN conference, and I am extremely glad that I decided to jump into this world. Superficially, MUN might seem like some high school students gathered in some conference hall, trying to imitate what would happen in the real United Nations. But, the MUN experience is so much more than that. MUN gives one the chance to be somebody. First, the process of both preparing and participating in a conference allows one to be informed about current events. The fact that you are willing to participate in a MUN conference says that you are proactive in society. Second, going to an actual conference is so much more interesting than researching about certain topics alone. Meeting new people through the common interest that is MUN, and seeing what others have to bring to the table allow you to mentally grow a lot. Also, conferences can be an opportunity for you to make new friends outside of school.

MUN is an experience. Taking part in MUN activities allows you to be more proactive and aware about current issues, to grow as a mature individual in society, and to get to know and interact with other people. I joined my school’s MUN club only recently, and attending SEOMUN XX taught me that there is nothing to be nervous about. The experienced student officers and were very welcoming and friendly of newcomers. If you are considering joining MUN, I strongly recommend doing so. We can discuss, debate, and have fun together.
[KIS MUN This is everyone from Korea International School’s MUN club.]


Jaehong Min
10th Grade
Korea International School

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