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Daewang FestivalDaewangjae 2017
Edit by. 임다경 Im Dakyoung | Published. 2018.01.04 13:54 | Count : 329
On the morning of 22nd of December, Friday, 8th grade students of Daewang Middle school gathered excitedly at the school hall for an year-end school festival ‘Daewangjae’, which consisted of voluntary talent shows from the students in the level (unclear) and performances by interest groups (not sure what this means). The school used to have only one festival with batches of 7th to 9th graders all together but the problem with this was that since our school’s hall was not big enough, we had to borrow another school’s hall for the event. This left the festival troublesome and therefore, this year, the school decided to have separate Daewangjae for each grade so that we could have the all the events at our school’s auditorium.
[Students excitedly waiting for Daewangjae to start]
After all the classes had settled down, Master of Ceremonies (MC) started off the festival with simple greetings. First in the queue was a video clip titled ‘Train to Daewang’. It was a parody of the recent domestic film, Train to Busan, produced by the broadcasting students of the school. The storyline was that students studied too hard and this resulted in them becoming zombies, chasing after those not infected with the unknown virus.
After the amazing movie clip as an introduction to the day’s festival, we had a performance by the school orchestra. To the day’s festival, the orchestra performed pieces such as Eine Kliene Nachtmusik and Sonata Pathétique. Next up, we had performances which we were truly excited for—an array of talent shows. We had our own grade performing a variety of performances from girls’ K-Pop dances to ballads by two friends. BTS medley by our batch’s very own boy band never failed to generate a loud cheer from the audience. We even had a class performance to the latest song by Twice. Every team on the stage was so talented and full of effort and spirit that it even seemed like they were competing for a prize.
We also had special guests from the other batches putting on performances for us. Dances, song sing-alongs and band performances perfectly fitting Christmas even made the audience shout for an encore.
The atmosphere of Daewangjae was brought to even greater exhilaration with the tactful run of the event by the MCs. Unfortunately the end came too fast and the students proceeded to the cafeteria for an early lunch.
I wouldn’t be wrong to say that every one of the students in the grade enjoyed the event tremendously. Without a doubt, it was a great opportunity to release stress after the final exam of the year. On the other hand, those who had performed became more bonded as they prepared the performances together.
We would like to present our deepest thank you to the teachers-in-charge, student staffs, performers and everyone else who contributed one way or another to arranging such a great festival to wrap up the term.

임다경 Im Dakyoung
Seoul Daewang Middle School

임다경 Im Dakyoung  student_reporter@dherald.com

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