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Thor RagnarokAdventure into Space
Written by Matthew Choi | Published. 2017.11.23 12:04 | Count : 1050

This weekend, I felt fortunate to have watched one of the most anticipated movies of all year: Thor Ragnarok. Ever since the release of the trailer, the reaction to the trailer was, well, quite positive. Many people considered it to be one of the greatest marvel trailers made so far, and were intrigued enough to actually go and see the movie. I, as a marvel fanatic, was extremely excited, despite how Thor movies aren’t the brightest marvel movies in the franchise.

[A picture of the Thor Ragnarok poster]

My reaction to the initial Thor movies were quite mixed. The original, Thor 1, was a decent movie that would have been better if the plot were more organized. Thor 2, fell below that, ruining the plot even more by adding unnecessary humor. When I watched Thor Ragnarok, my viewpoint on the Thor saga changed. The concept of ‘Thor movies’ were rewritten overall when Ragnarok came out, due to the deviation in style from the original Thor movies. For example, Ragnorok expanded from beyond Asgard, and Norse concepts, but to the depths of space, introducing new characters, and a whole new frontier to build on. This has created the bridge to what may by the sequel to Avengers Infinity War, along with the upcoming movie Black Panther. 

[A poster promoting Thor Ragnarok]

The introduction of alien characters other than Norse mythological characters was unexpected, and yet satisfactory, due to how it resembled the original Thor movies. However, this movie also managed to combine the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, taking what made each of them special and commendable together, making this movie as good, if not greater than other movies in the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe). 

The character variation from the original Thor movies was immense. The movies had replaced Jane Foster (Actress Natalie Portman) with another female actress of a different character, the addition of alien characters beyond mythological stories, new villains such as the evil mistress Hela, and the fire demon Surtur, and most important of all, the return of Hulk and Thor after the events of Avengers 2. Many people had been curious of the Hulk and Thor’s whereabouts, and why they did not appear in Captain America Civil War. This movie gave a proper explanation to that question, one more reason why this movie was satisfactory to me. 

All in all, Thor Ragnarok is a movie that is worth watching if you are into comedy and Ssci-Ffi genre, and it is a huge development from the original Thor movies.  If you are not too much of a Thor fan, no worries! This movie might change your entire perspective of the Thor saga. 



Matthew Choi 
Asia Pacific International School

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