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Students Teach Students Club Seeks to Break the Language Barrier
Edit by. Yookyung Jin | Published. 2017.11.23 11:46 | Count : 393

STS (Students Teach Students) club is a high school tutoring club established in 2014. Tutors give support to those who need some help with concepts covered in classes (homework, tests and projects) or even advice for high school/college life. The mission statement is to leave a legacy of helping each other and to create a student archive that saves the notebooks, and form the most comfortable atmosphere. 

Last year as the president of this club, I worked with the club members to come up with an idea of opening a class called STT (Students Teach Teachers) for teachers who are interested in learning how to survive in Korean language on and off campus. Last year, eleven teachers from elementary, middle, high, school, and even dorm faculty signed up. This year, eighteen teachers showed an interest. They gather every Monday after club time (4:20 ~ 5:00) with a total of four club members volunteering to teach Korean.  

[Last year’s Korean class]

Based on the survey responses teachers provided, students prepared weekly teaching materials for beginning and advanced levels; three students are each responsible for 3-4 beginning teachers and one student is responsible for advanced teachers. For example, beginning level begins with the Korean alphabet and pronunciation, while the advanced level mainly focuses on daily conversations. Beginner teachers struggled mastering the Korean alphabet because of similar words such as “ㅈ” and “ㅅ”, and strong pronunciation such as “ㄲ” and “ㄸ”. Advanced teachers, however, were proficient in speaking in Korean and asked higher level questions that surprised Katrina. Perhaps they were more familiar with the Korean language and culture because they’re married to Korean wives. 

[This year’s Korean advanced class]
[This year’s Korean beginning class]

“At first, it was a challenge to incorporate teachers’ suggestions and answer their questions correctly. However, as I proceed, I learned new skills to teach them in the easiest yet efficient and absorbing way so that both teachers and I can enjoy,” said Charming (G10), one of the original crew of STT. Students also organized culture class in which teachers are exposed to frequently used proverb, manners, trend, and so on. 

Every after class, teachers promise with themselves to somehow use what they learned in class in a real life situation to practice their Korean speaking skills. Once, Mrs. Greaves, a middle school English teacher, shared a short story in which she could do grocery shopping easier than before since she could identify the expiration date for the milk.

The second year of STT class is going well with good success. I expect teachers to be more confident in communicating with Korean and more aware of Korean culture or history as time goes by.  



Yookyung Jin
Grade: 12
Korea International School, Jeju

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