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My First Volunteer Service
Written by Keuntae Kim | Published. 2017.10.18 18:38 | Count : 394
On August 27, switching through TV channels on a sofa, I saw clips of people screaming to be rescued from the top of their houses caught my attention. I stopped flipping the channel and listened carefully to the reporter and realized the magnitude of this disaster. A number of devastating tornadoes hit the city Houston, Texas. Texas was submerged from flooding.
Our small Christian community in Concordia was devastated and prayed for the victims of this disaster. Many of us were ready to do whatever it took and when Christ Community Church and the Concordia High School Bible class were looking for volunteers to go to the Houston and help the city recover, I wanted to volunteer, but I could not miss the school for days, but another chance to contribute came later.
My host mom volunteered to fill the truck with items that would be useful for helping the people in Houston. The truck was to leave Omaha to Houston the next day, so we had to help early next morning. Although I had never done any labor in my life, I thought this was the best chance I would get to help. 
Next morning at 6 am, my host brother and I woke up and went to Dino’s Storage to fill the truck up in the morning. When we arrived, we saw a big U-Haul Truck that was surrounded by the people. We started working right away so that the truck could leave early. A lot of people brought their items for us to stack in a manner that would allow us to put as much as we can. My job was to grab the boxes and hand it over to the men inside. 
It was hot inside of the truck and we were all sweating. My backs and hands were in pain, but I tried to imagine the situation of those in Houston, hoping it would ease my comparably trivial pain.
Stacking and loading in the truck took us to lunch time. I felt proud of myself when I saw the truck leave. I hoped that this truck would get to the people safely and be helpful to the people. By volunteering, I learned that there are always people around us to help. I felt secure in a way. Even though I was the one who helped, I thought that, maybe, if I am ever in trouble, there might be some other people who might help me. I am not an extremely altruistic person, but from this experience I saw a glimpse of why people volunteer. It was my first day of volunteering and now I understand why college admissions want someone with volunteer hours because volunteering made me a stronger person. Also it gave me a chance to reflect on myself and those around me.

Keuntae Kim
Concordia Jr/Sr High School

Keuntae Kim  student_reporter@dherald.com

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