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Standardized Test in Tropical Island, Hawaii
Written by Yookyung Jin | Published. 2017.09.20 16:49 | Count : 1084
On April 27th, College Board announced the opening for the first August SAT and SAT Subject Tests. The College Board insisted that “This shift will provide students with an earlier opportunity to take the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests before submitting college applications, and it will give them more time to focus on coursework, school activities, and college applications in the fall of their senior year.” Students all around the world, especially rising seniors, hurriedly completed the registration step and bought round-trip flight tickets. I thought I was one of few to take SAT in America. However, most Koreans –– group of students or student(s) with parents –– at the Incheon International Airport were heading to Hawaii to take SAT instead of relaxing with the loved ones. Students at our school left to Hawaii on Thursday and Friday.
[Ala Moana Hotel located in Honolulu]
[View from the Ala Moana Hotel I stayed]
“I thought this would be another lucky chance to make a score before I submit applications for early schools”, comment Sophia, a Korean high school student who went to Los Angeles to take an exam. On the way to Hawaii, for approximately 10 hours flight, some students slept to adjust to the time difference. Some students watched a thriller movie to relieve anxiety for the upcoming test. Some students even studied for the whole time to take advantage of an extra review time. 
[Punahou School campus where I took the SAT]
[Entrance to check my name and assigned room on the list]
My testing center, Punahou School, was located near the hotel I stayed in Honolulu. Each building was crowded with test takers from all over the world. After approximately four hours of the test, I spent rest of the day with my mom at the shopping mall and Waikiki beach near the hotel. For two days, I was bewildered by my change of mood. Before I arrived in Hawaii, I wasn’t that excited because of the pressure the exam gave to me. When I walked off an airplane, however, I was laughing before I knew it because Hawaii’s local unique palm trees relieved my feeling. The long-awaited day came and welcoming beautiful Punahou School campus made me so composed before and during the test that I could even finish all my snacks during the break time. After the test, then, I walked out of a building with an empty snack bag, feeling as if I could fly because at least the exam was over. Iris who took the exam in Kamehameha School said, “I wish to get my dream score so that when I visit Hawaii later in my life, I can flash back to an eventful day!”.
[Back to Korea]
Most students headed back to their school and will have to wait for the results that will come out in three weeks from now, August 30th. Hope everyone gets good news on September 18th! "Don't lose hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so try your best until the end”, said Stephanie, second year graduate from our school, when asked to give an advice to those students still pushing themselves further.



Yookyung Jin
Grade: 12
School: Korea International School, Jeju

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