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Comic Con Seoul
Written by Matthew Choi | Published. 2017.08.16 21:54 | Count : 1023
For the first time in the history of Korea, Comic Con has opened its doors to the denizens of Seoul, and fans from all around the world will participate from August 4th to the 6th. For those unaware, Comic Con is a comic convention which brings the excitement of anime, comics, movies, TV shows, video games, and more, to extreme enthusiasts from international audiences. I visited the Seoul Comic Con on Saturday, the 5th, and stood in awe at the extreme exhibits and cosplays. Larger companies, such as Marvel and Blizzard, sold or displayed their franchises from films and video games, respectively. Other booths had custom-made posters of anime and manga and even sold actual comic books.
Comic Con Coex Entrance

During this Comic Con, I was curious about what people thought of event as a whole, along with related topics. To satisfy my curiosity, I first interviewed two cosplay participants in Comic Con and then a first-time conferencer (listed as A, B, and C respectively), who were all generous enough to spare the time to answer my questions.

Matthew Cho(MC): Are you more interested to see the celebrities, or generally most excited just about having Korea’s 1st Comic Con for its sake?
A (cosplaying Pokemon trainer): Comic Con, Of Course. I haven’t even taken a look at any of the celebrities here. In fact, the very reason I came here is to wander around the booths.
MC: What type of Comic Con activities do you plan to participate in while you’re here? Will you take many pictures with fans?

A: Yes, since that is literally what I came here to do. However, other than that, I want to participate in the cosplay contest, where there are a lot of competitors and want to check out what other cosplayers have created.

MC: Did you already have a bit of experience with past “Comic Cons,” or are you just here for the sake of it?

B (cosplaying anime character): I’m just going here for the sake of it. Despite my internationality, I have a Korean citizenship, and I was curious about the first Comic Con in Korea, along with my general interest in anime.

MC: If this Comic Con were to happen again, would you be willing to come here again?

B: Yes, since I am having quite a good time right now in this Comic Con, in particular. I especially enjoy watching fellow cosplayers, mostly who have modeled their creations from movies, video games, and anime.
A Comic Con Pamphlet from Coex

MC: Do you think that there will be any *SPOILERS* about movies during Comic Con?

C: To be honest, it really depends on the type of films. When it comes to Marvel, they are good at not revealing crucial parts of the movie, while other companies somewhat tend to ruin the entire plot.

MC: So since some of those other companies can muddy your anticipation for other movies, are you still excited to go to Comic Con?

C: I really don’t mind, since the main reason I went to this Comic Con is for the cosplays and exhibits, not movie trailers. Besides, there was no mention of movie trailers for this Comic Con.

MC: About Comic Con, what do you expect in general?

C: Basically, a place with the collaboration of movies, anime, comics and other genres, in general, to form a brief, but yet notable, masterpiece in the end.

Comic Con Cosplayers posing for photos

After sating my curiosity about Comic Con in general, I moved on to talk about Marvel, especially their Spider Man series. I found another willing first-time Comic Con goer (listed as D) to answer a few movie related questions with me.

MC: I’m curious about fan perceptions of the growing Marvel Spider Man franchise. What do you think about the newest film, Spiderman Homecoming?

D: It’s “Amazing.” I do favor Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, but I think the latest Spider Man was the greatest when it comes to humor and realisticness.

Moving on, I wanted to ask a little bit about Steven Yeon, the Korean American actor who starred throughout The Walking Dead, and then in Okja, earlier this year.

MC: About The Walking Dead, are you generally excited for the “action filled,” according to Comics Alliance, season 8?

D: Although I am not caught up with the series, yes, I am excited for this season to be released and am looking forward to the thrilling action.

MC: Are you excited to meet Steven Yeon, the actor who participated in both Okja and The Walking Dead?

D: I did not know that he was here (it was tragic to watch some of the scenes in the latest season of The Walking Dead), but if I get to see him, it would be a great honor for me.

My time at Comic Con was a great and memorable experience that will never be forgotten. However, this is not all. Comic Con brought me a new perspective of the melding of comics, anime, and TV shows merged as one masterpiece.


Matthew Choi
Grade 10
Asia Pacific International School

Matthew Choi  student_reporter@dherald.com

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