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“Watching Baseball -more than a hobby”
Written by Rachel YunChung Cho | Published. 2017.07.24 19:18 | Count : 617
Whenever people ask me what my hobby is, I answer, “watching baseball.” Everyone seems a bit surprised as if my answer was unexpected. The reason behind this is that it is common for boys than girls to enjoy watching and playing sports in Korea. “What team do you like?” if one asks, I proudly reply, “Doosan Bears.”

My junior year was with 2017 KBO league. I was in Jamsil Stadium on my birthday and after the midterms and the finals. As we are in the midst of July, half of 2017 KBO league has passed. The league started on the last day of March, when it was still a little cold, but now, we are in the middle of summer. 
(A Photo I took when I went to watch baseball game in Jamsil Stadium)

Watching baseball is more than a hobby to me. It is something that can make me laugh and cry. It wasn’t until I became a middle school student when I started showing interest in baseball. Whenever I visited my cousin on holidays, he watched baseball on TV. Back then, not only did not have a favorite team, I did not even know the rules of baseball. Even his younger sister, who was 6, knew baseball rules. Out of curiosity, I started learning baseball rules from him and started to like the team that he liked. From that moment, I fell in love with baseball. 

I like the atmosphere of baseball stadiums. Everybody is thrilled to be watching the game up close. I also enjoy singing the cheering song for each player. They are all different and contains the player’s characteristics. Watching baseball games for more than three years now, I have my favorite player, Geon Woo Park. In the beginning of the season, he struggled a lot since his batting average was not high enough to satisfy himself and his fans. His batting average was close to 0.1. After a time of struggle, he overcame his hardship and accomplished 0.3 batting average in May. I learned a lot from him, seeing how he worked hard to overcome his slump.

Baseball reflects our lives. We can never know the result until the end. There is always a chance for the fate to change during the baseball game. One grand-slam may compensate a mistake made in the last inning. The players cannot be sure if they will win or lose until the end of the game.

About 3 weeks ago, two players from my favorite team got injured. I was really disappointed as I did not expect the injury of two main players at the same time. This situation taught me that in real life, there can be moments of unexpected and that is of no one’s fault. Life is like that, but we must follow what our lives had done to us. It is tough now, but after a while, you will be okay. No one can have a perfect life. Life is a series of problem-solving. A problem that we did not want happens continuously. It is our job to solve to problems and find a little happiness from in between those problems. In my case, the happiness comes from baseball. Where does your happiness come from?



Rachel YunChung Cho
11th grade
Seoul Scholars International

Rachel YunChung Cho  student_reporter@dherald.com

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