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8 Tips for Juniors on How to Spend Summer Wisely
Edit by. Min, Soyeon (Scarlet) | Published. 2017.07.03 19:41 | Count : 459
MIT, one of the top universities in the world (photo by Scarlet Soyeon Min)

Half of 2017 has passed, and now is the time for juniors to focus on their university applications. While this summer is critical for everyone, juniors are especially desperate for advice, for their acceptance to universities highly depends on how productively they use their summer.

To address this concern, this year’s graduates offer their advices for juniors to help them move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Sieun Lee (UPenn, Class of 2021):
1. Be involved and be prepared to learn!
Keep your summer productive. There are many opportunities such as conferences, camps, and summer programs that offer you a chance to learn something new and simultaneously enjoy your time. Look for those opportunities and be proactive.

2. Strengthen self-management skills
It's best to shy away from attending too many “hagwons”. Independently plan your studies and manage your time wisely.

3. Do enjoy your summer!
As the next academic year will be harder than your current year, you may become more stressed. So have fun during the summer!

Taehwa Hong (Stanford University, Class of 2021):
4. Create a road map for your future career. Be specific!
It is now the time for you to really focus on your dream by designing your future plan. Think about your dream and specify it step by step, from university to internships to university graduation and so on. It is better to be as specific as possible because detail is what guides you to follow your plan easily.

5. Read books.
With habitual reading, you will be able to strengthen your memorization skills and expand your vocabulary. What you read will fill you with new information, allowing you to learn and to exercise your brain.

6. Physically exercise
Sitting in front of the desk is the basic step of learning, but staying in front of the desk for too long weakens the efficiency. Physical exercise will give a sense of refreshment that will improve your mood and boost your energy.

Stanford University (photo by Chaeyeon Ku)

Hyunji Kim (University of British Columbia, Class of 2021):
7. Work on your personal statement
Summer break is a perfect time for you to brainstorm your topic for personal statement and to develop your resume. Try to discern who you are as a person and what sets you apart from other students.

8. Focus on extracurricular activities
You need to reinforce your resume by participating in an internship program and continuing your extracurricular activities. Instead of trying bunch of new activities, I would suggest committing to 2-3 activities that are related to your intended major and your dream.

I hope this can be a helpful piece of information for those who are wondering or planning on what to do this summer. Best of luck to all of you who will apply for universities this September!


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