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SSI soccer team is one of the well-known clubs at Seoul Scholars International. We have18 members who gathered together with one thing: passion for soccer. When SSI soccer team was first created last August, over 20 students registered. We started in poor condition and are still suffering. It is hard to manage the schedules of every student and we don’t have proper place to practice since our school is too small. Therefore, we had to rent a field near the school to train only once a week. Sometimes when others rented first, our training had to be cancelled.
Despite the lack of facilities and support, every member steadily participated in training to improve his skill and teamwork. Nevertheless, we did not get any satisfactory game results for most of the matches. We lost to CSIS (Christian Sprout Intercultural School) and Chadwick International with a score of 4:0 for both matches. However, we didn’t lose desire for victory. We just focused on practicing every week with an aid of our coach, Jason Chung. He led a practice and taught us how to build teamwork. After practicing for months, a tournament was held in Chadwick International on April 15th. It was a great chance to show how we improved and cooperate to win.
We woke up really early at morning to arrive at Incheon by 8am. We arrived at Chadwick International at 7:30 and started to warm up. Everyone seemed to be nervous. We were uncomfortable before the game. The first game was against St. Paul Preparatory School. Last year, our team and St. Paul tied. The first half was a hard game. Our offense was often blocked but opponent made several good moments that could have led to a score. However, our goalkeeper Yongha Kim blocked all of them with devotional diving. In the second half, we gained more confidence as Yongha Kim blocked well and finally Junyoung Lee scored. The game ended with a score of 1:0 and won for the first time. We all were so happy that we hugged each other and tossed Junyoung. Junyoung was selected as a player of the game.
SSI soccer team entering the field
SSI soccer team discussing before the game
Then we had our second game and we had to win this match to go to the finals. Our opponent was GVCS (Global Vision Christian School). Since we won the first game, we were little bit arrogant. That arrogance allowed GVCS to score total 5 goals. We were shocked about the result and resolved to practice more. Last game was a match for third place against KKFS (Korea Kent Foreign School). We made our full effort to win KKFS for 50 minutes. But no one scored and we went to penalty shoot-out. Sadly, we became fourth place.
Even though we were not able to win the tournament, we saw the potential we had. We never won any game before this tournament. However, we won and saw the hope for future games. All players showed great passion and enthusiasm. From this tournament, our team could build cooperative spirit and improve.
Here is a comment of the player of the game, Junyoung Lee (11th, player of the game) : “I think this tournament can be the turning point for our soccer team. We gained our first victory and I want our members to practice more to win the tournament next time. Also, it was a great time to build teamwork.”


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