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Watching a NBA match in New York
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On February 16th, along with Dulwich College Seoul Drama Art production crew, I headed to Madison Square Garden to attend my and others’ first NBA game: Knicks vs 76ers. People were lining up in wide queues to go through the strict security and finally reach their seats to see the match. After losing some items to the security guards, our group was guided to our seats, located at edge of the whole stadium. The New York Knicks were in blue and the 76ers were in white. But, mainly, the hurricane-like seat structure was surreal to see,, and watching the ‘little’ blue and white players being cheered on by all the viewers as they tackled, shot and dribbled.
The long queues to go through security


The knicks
Waiting in the queue to be checked by security in Madison Square Garden
So, what is the “NBA”? The “NBA” is the National Basketball Association, a North American major men’s professional basketball league. NBA was created on August 3rd 1949, when two rival leagues: Basketball Association of America (BAA) and National Basketball League (NBL) merged together.
The actual game was not the only stimulating event that made the crowd go wild and crazy. The performances and challenges organized between the breaks were also very interesting; from singing to shooting balls into cans placed in increasing distance. “Watching the match made me leap and lean forward to focus better. It was really thrilling as the crowd became one when expressing their excitement with chants and screams. Next time, I want to sit closer to the actually court so I don’t have to watch the screen to see what happened.” said one of the students (Grade 7), who witnessed this match. Grace Lim (Grade 9) also added; “I thought the performances during the breaks really adds to the excitement for the match.” Various food stations were placed around the stadium and popcorn and drinks which added to the exciting and fresh texture of the match.
View from the border seats of the stadium - Knicks in blue and 76ers in white
View from the TV
The match ended to be 109 - 110 to the Knicks, only one point higher than the 76ers. Even though our group had to leave the match before the game ended, the students and I were very happy to have watched a real-live NBA match. To some of us, it was a life’s dream come true. I would definitely recommend any person to have a chance to watch a match in person. You must experience it to understand the raw vibe of a live NBA match. If you can afford it, I would also recommend getting a seat close to the court. You can then brace yourself to be blown away.


Juhyun Cho
Grade 9
Dulwich College Seoul

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