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HIT thriller movie, "Train to Busan"
Written by Juhyun Cho (Julie) | Published. 2016.11.30 17:38 | Count : 1954

South Korean filmmakers took an interesting approach with a movie which happened to be quite culturally different and rather international. Everyone in South Korea should have heard about the movie, ‘Train to Busan’ at least once. Last July, South Korea’s first ever zombie movie by Yeon Sang-ho “took the game home” with its stimulating 1 hour 58 minutes long story and great acting. This blockbuster was rated 8.04 by 55,042 audience members. 

“I thought this zombie movie wouldn’t be as advanced as western ones as these genres of movies are common, but I was really satisfied with the story and filming of the “Train to Busan,” Jenny Cho commented.

“Train to Busan” successfully attracted over ten million viewers, exceeding expectations from the citizens on their new genre of movie,” Said articles, from even out of Asia. According to director Yun Sang Ho, the reason to this massive number of views is his concealment of the cause of the citizens turning into zombies. “The views would have stopped at six million if I had released the root of the zombies'” Director Yun Sang Ho laughed off. He likened his situation with director Na Hong Jin’s movie, “The wailing,” which also did not reveal the cause of the devil and was able to attract a massive number of viewers. 


In short, the movie is about an unidentified virus spreading all over Korea. Korean citizens are under extreme danger and a train to Busan holds one of the victims of this virus. People that are contaminated with the virus, turn into flesh-biting zombies. People viciously fight for their lives before reaching safely to Busan. Seok-woo, one of the main characters, attempts to save himself and his daughter's life only, but his young daughter-- innocent and very much selfless--urges him to help others. It then gets chaotic.

However, this new genre of movie wasn’t taken well by everyone - some of the comments on the movie posted on Naver stated: “Korea should just stick with their normal genre of movie, not jumping into thrillers such as this.” “The actors didn’t fit the roles very much, and the acting was not convincing.” “I’m not sure how Korean directors will cope with this kind of movies because they contain a sensitive topic and cost much more to produce than traditional movies.” 


However, criticisms are pointed in everything and some that are hoped to be taken in for the better. In the movie, here is a heartfelt connection with characters in this movie as characters are portrayed with unique individual personalities resulting in a strong emotional appeal to the audience. 

The movie “Train to Busan” was more than just a blockbuster to South Koreans. It set a new milestone for the South Korean movie industry moving one step further towards the global audience, moving away from common norms in Korea. Let our Korean directors continue to set milestones for the country!

Juhyun Cho (Julie)
Grade 9
Dulwich College Seoul

Juhyun Cho (Julie)  student_reporter@dherald.com

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