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Written by Matthew Choi | Published. 2016.09.01 19:57 | Count : 945

Droids from the Star Wars films brought to life 

           Star Wars technology has been shown to be very innovative, especially after the re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy. Recently, there have been many who have become obsessed with Star Wars tech, and some are even working to bring it to life. The most popular forms from the Star Wars franchise have been robotics, lasers and missiles, holograms and hovercraft.

          The future of technology was pondered upon by a variety of people who responded to two questions given to them. I chose people from different walks of life instead of fellow students, since I wanted to hear views from a different perspective; something other than what a student or a college teacher would think. My questions were devised to make one think, and were logical questions that would allow people to think.

Q1. Of robotics, lasers and missiles, holograms and hovercraft, which do you think is the most beneficial today?

P1: I think hovercraft are the most beneficial due to how the tech is performing in new forms of transportation, such as the monorail.

P2: Laser and missile tech is the most beneficial due to how it has developed as a way to deal with global threats such as nuclear missiles in the hands of terrorists.

P3: I think robotics have been the most beneficial, as they have increased the rate of mass production in factories and will be the next generation for factory workers.

P4: Robotics are the most beneficial seeing as how they have improved mass production. However, I am concerned by the fact that factory workers are being replaced with robots, and we really need to do something about this.

Q2. Of robotics, lasers and missiles, holograms and hovercraft, which do you think will be of the most benefit in the future?

P1: I personally think that robotics will be of most benefit in the future, as we are already so reliant on machines. It is ironic that people are making movies about robots enslaving humanity when we are so dependent on these machines that may turn against us.

P2: I think that for the future, holograms will be the most beneficial, because they can act as a new way to communicate with each other in a virtually face-to-face manner.

P3: I also agree that robotics will be the most beneficial, since we need the technology to do our work, but also because of how much we are investing in the field. We are making movies about robots and imagining how they will evolve as time passes. Imagine what will happen in the future if we continue doing what we are doing now.

P4: It is obvious that robotics will be the most beneficial bit of technology from Star Wars, although I have also considered cloning technology. Robotics is disconcerting to me because I have watched a lot of sci-fi movies about robots subverting mankind. It is apparent that this technology is extremely valuable, but with great power comes great responsibility, and I don’t think we’re ready for that.

           Although all of the answers are worth considering, I would personally think that a new energy source will be the most beneficial and influential both now and in the future, due to how so many people are trying to reduce the effects of climate change. However, I also have concerns that if this tech goes into the wrong hands, what kind of havoc would it cause? How would humanity survive the onslaught that would come?







Matthew Choi
Grade 9
Asia Pacific International School

Matthew Choi  dh069@dherald.com

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