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Nurturing Future Business Leaders
Written by Junyong (Jake) Jung | Published. 2016.05.05 09:44 | Count : 1064

     On a rainy March 5th, dozens of students from various international schools in Korea gathered at Seoul International School for a business competition. Named FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), the club seeks to provide students with insight on creating and applying business plans for companies around the globe in a hypothetical situation. In this year’s competition, students brainstormed marketing methods to help the outdoor company North Face maintain its popularity in South Korea.

     Many international school students’ parents are successful businessman. Due to this, the notion of business and marketing holds popularity among international school students. FBLA compels these students to implement their potentials in creating the most efficient solution to increasing market share and profit for existing companies.

     To prepare for the competition, students worked together for days, debating and discussing the best solution possible. Students from Korea International School even stayed up till 6 in the morning the day before the conference to prepare themselves for the day. Officers organizing the conference worked countless hours to create the best experience possible for students to learn and act like real businessman.

     Students arrived at the SIS campus with presentations and preparations prepared. Many students were tired but when the competition started, they all participated with their best effort. Playful outlook completely gone from their countenance, students presented and convinced the judge the fundamental solution they have came up with. Despite their hard work, there were some misunderstandings here and there. Some students were disappointed in the judge’s reflection of their work and had to discuss what the better solution is for their team. However, every single student was able to learn and have an enjoyable time at the conference.

      When the winners were announced, some students screamed out of excitement and some students were depressed. Nonetheless, they were able to congratulate each other for their hard work over the past weeks. FBLA not only united students together for a common goal, but also nurtured and encouraged future business leaders to put forward their ideas which will possibly change the world someday.

Junyong (Jake) Jung
Grade 10
Korea International School

Junyong (Jake) Jung  dh069@dherald.com

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