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A Strategic Approach Is Needed to Survive the IBDP!
Written by Clare Sohn | Published. 2022.04.27 19:43 | Count : 97

[A screenshot of my February schedule. Photo Courtesy of Clare Sohn]


I can guarantee that any IB student will say that the number of exams and assignments is overwhelming, hence using some form of planner will help you succeed. 


I have found that this has helped me keep track of the homework I have to do every night as well as know when I have time to work on other tasks. 


Another bonus I discovered is the great satisfaction I feel when I scroll down a long list of completed tasks!


Next, I have learned the benefit of not procrastinating and getting work done early. 


Until last year, as the workload was manageable, I often found myself waiting until the last minute to do my homework or submit assignments. 


However, as an IB student, I found that homework is not the only form of studying that needs to be done. 


As we are always learning content in classes, I found it to be quite important to review the content I have learned. 

[An example of the notes that I write and review after I complete my homework. Photo Courtesy of Clare Sohn.]


Assessments within the IB are called “papers,” and there are different types of papers depending on what class you are taking. 


Although seeing how much content you can cram into your paper in an hour is quite rewarding, the amount of time it takes to actually learn the content at the last minute is extreme. 


Therefore, it is critical to learn and understand the content of all your classes as the units proceed so that you are not under stress when midterms or finals come around. 


Coming from personal experience, it is definitely not worth it to wait until the last minute to try to memorize an entire textbook. So, it’s much better to learn chapter by chapter over a span of a month instead.




Clare Sohn

Grade 11

Seoul Foreign School


Clare Sohn  hsr@dherald.com

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