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International women’s day; Glass ceiling still exists in the society
Written by Yujin Son | Published. 2022.03.31 18:12 | Count : 238

[photos of cookie that I had / photo credit: Yujin Son]


The 8th of March is International women’s day. The day is to celebrate achievements from women despite the glass ceilings. The theme of 2022 is #breakthebias 

The day was first created in 1910 by Clara Zetkin, a German communist and women’s rights activist, and the purpose was to protest against the rights.

Although nowadays, a lot of discrimination is reduced through  early education on gender equality and the creation of laws for women, the glass ceiling still exists. 

For instance, in recruitment, companies prefer men rather than women. The reason can be because of their stereotype that women should work housework but also because of their future plans. If the women get married and get pregnant, they are likely to take maternity leave. 

It is somehow understandable from  a company’s perspective as this looks disadvantageous. While women are on maternity leave, the company is losing their workforce, and they still might have to give them their salary. 

However, giving birth to a child is an action that should be encouraged.  Suppose the women are encouraged to give birth because of the pressure from the company. In that case, the population will gradually decrease, and this is a similar situation that many developed countries have. As many women also work in a company, more women hesitate to use their break-even though those leaves are legal and proper. The phenomenon can be interpreted as the decrease of potential young that will lead the society. 

The time has only passed about 103 years since the creation of maternity leave. Maternity leave was officially introduced to the world in 1919. Conversely, this also means that before 1919, women did not get any protection by the law against an unfair company when they were pregnant or giving birth. If we also consider the time  each country applied or amending the law so that the law suits are well with the country, it took a long time for the law to be applied. 

The perception of “feminism” has changed through  time too. The proper definition of feminism is ”a range of socio-political movements and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.” 

Nowadays public’s perception of feminism is negative. Some might consider feminism as an oppression of men’s opportunity and potential. Some might consider feminism as a theory that women should always be at the top of the world. These are all incorrect meanings, and the misinterpretation of feminism comes from a lack of education. 

To celebrate international women’s day, my school also actively participated in spreading positive influence. The cookies were sold in each year 's corridor, and the money collected went to the charity. They are in a butterfly shape, coloured with purple, which symbolizes dignity and justice. 

In the morning, the conversation on the importance of international women’s day was going on between the teacher and students, sharing ideas on ways that we can break our bias, which is the theme for 2022. Moreover, inspirational videos that focus on feminism were also being played, and students shared their thoughts. 

To raise awareness of discrimination against women in society, I believe having more education is  significant . If society starts to neglect women’s rights and does not face the reality, the world will slowly lose the power that only women can give and contribute to the society. 

Therefore, I believe that international women’s day is a meaningful day to highlight gaps in gender equality and as a chance for more people to be aware of the related issue. 











Yujin Son


Australian international school



Yujin Son  hsr@dherald.com

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